Google Stadia Social Settings

One topic regarding Stadia which has been hinted at briefly—but not thoroughly explored as of yet—is that of the Google Stadia social settings. But what Google Stadia social settings can we expect to see?

Will There Be Google Stadia Social Settings?

While we do not know much about the Google Stadia social settings that will be implemented in the final release of the Google Stadia cloud gaming platform, we have already been given a number of clues from Google Stadia that hint at the existence of social aspects for the Google Stadia software.

Google Stadia Games Fortnite
Play your favorite Google Stadia multiplayer games with the exciting Google Stadia social features that have recently been announced.

We already know that Google Stadia has been designed with the social aspect of gaming in mind; after all, features such as State Share and Crowd Play would be useless if they were not intended for the sharing of data and achievements with the rest of the gaming community. The unique state share feature will allow a player to share—with just the touch of a special button on the Google Stadia controller—a screenshot of their gameplay in an instant. Additionally, the crowd play feature actually allows other player to join in with their favorite Youtubers’ gameplay during live streams.

What Google Stadia Social Settings Will We See?

Gaming is, by its very nature, often considered to be a highly sociable activity. One of the most exciting aspects of gaming is achieving goals and objectives for a game, from progressing a storyline to defeating a final boss enemy. But how will social settings work on the Google Stadia gaming platform?

Google Stadia Friends Lists

One of the first things that you will be able to make use of at the launch of the Google Stadia gaming platform will be a Google Stadia friends list. This Google Stadia friends list will help you to manage your friends, so that you can make the most of the best part of gaming: playing together!

Google Stadia Voice Chat

Upon launch of the Google Stadia platform, Google Stadia voice chat will immediately be available to use. Google Stadia voice chat will allow you to talk on a one-to-one basis with all of your gaming friends, which is key for many gamers who enjoy playing multiplayer games. This is one Google Stadia social setting that many people would have been incredibly disappointed not to get to see, especially those who enjoy joining parties for their gameplay—another feature which will be available for the early access release of the Google Stadia platform!

Safety Settings

As with all Google products, Google have spared no expense in regards to ensuring the safety of the gamers on their Google Stadia platform. As such, all of the most reliable safety features that you would expect to see from a Google application will be implemented in Google Stadia for its early release—regardless of your personal opinion of these settings.

What Google Stadia Social Settings Won’t Be Available Immediately?

Early access to a new gaming platform is great, but one thing that many people seem to forget is that early access is exactly what it sounds like: the chance to play a game—or use gaming software—that is not yet fully finished and refined. As such, there are still a few features which won’t be made available for players at the early release of the Google Stadia Founder’s Edition, but which can be expected in the full release of the software in 2020.

The biggest of these omitted features is expected to be a lack of early access text chat software; this means that chatrooms and private messaging will not be feature until later on, which has left a number of Google Stadia fans a little disappointe. In fact, some have even gone as far as pointing out sarcastically that it is bordering on scandalous for Google—who already own numerous chat apps of their own—not to offer such a feature for the early release of Google Stadia. Indeed, at least to begin with, gamers trying out the Google Stadia Founder’s Edition might have to make do with using gaming chat apps such as Discord instead.


What do you think about these social settings? Do you think the early release has enough Google Stadia social settings, or are you feeling sore about the lack of Google Stadia text chat? Let us know in the comments, or why not consider asking your questions in our “Discussion” forum?

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