Google Stadia Software Update: Stadia 2.7 Is Here!

Google Stadia’s most recent update, Stadia 2.7, was released today. The primary goal of the update was to make a few tweaks and changes to the user interface of Stadia, hopefully to improve the platform for the better. The changes are largely relating to changes which are necessary for the upcoming release of the free version of Google Stadia, especially since the plan currently seems to be that Google will be launching the new “Stadia Base” plan along with a month of Stadia Pro subscription included.

Stadia Subscription Updates

Update 2.7 is largely based around the introduction of the upcoming new subscription plan, Stadia Base. Stadia Base is a free to use, downgraded version of the Stadia Pro plan which is ideally suited toward gamers who don’t want access to all of the features that Stadia Pro can offer. Though Stadia Pro is safely the best value for money available for gamers—largely due to the free games offered for the $10/month subscription fee—Stadia Base will likely be a popular choice for more casual Google Stadia gamers to consider as well.

Of course, with Stadia Base being completely free of charge, there is the risk that Google Stadia will experience a huge rush of new subscribers once it comes out. This massive demand could easily overwhelm the platform, which has been operating at a relatively modest level thus far due to the limited availability of Stadia early access from last year.

Changes to Stadia Base

The new update has set out a few new rules for the Stadia Base subscription, in order to control the uptake of the offer. Presently, only those individuals who either purchased a copy of the Founder’s Edition or the Premiere Edition (or have a buddy pass code from these) are able to sign up, but soon, this will change with the introduction of the free Stadia Base plan.

One exciting change is the free month of subscription that will be offered to people who take up the offer of Stadia Base. However, the 2.7 update has also introduced a catch to this—there will now be a limit placed on the number of Stadia Base accounts that can be created at any one time. The intention of this change is to make sure that the free players don’t end up impacting on paying customers’ gameplay experience.

It is not easy to determine how these limits will be laid out, at present. The most reliable information and theories suggest that limits may be imposed based on your area—although the expanse of land that this covers is entirely unknown. Worry not, though, because the new coding expresses the idea that players with a code will still be able to sign up without limit.

Pro Pass

One highly intriguing introduction with the 2.7 update is the mention of a new feature, referred to as the “Pro Pass”. Coding suggests that this Pro Pass will be considered to be different to the standard Stadia Pro subscription, but how it differs currently remains a mystery. These Pro Passes were freely given out at the Balder’s Gate 3 panel for all attendees, so it is possible that the pass could be a unique promotional access. With that being said, we’re eager to learn more about what this Pro Pass could entail in future updates!

YouTube Streaming Introduction!

One of the features that we’ve been waiting for with great anticipation is that of the ability to live stream directly to YouTube through Google Stadia—and it seems that this feature is getting closer! Indeed, despite being announced approximately a year ago now, we have yet to see evidence of the feature. However, new strings suggest that we should hopefully get the chance to enjoy this feature in the coming Stadia updates: codes such as “start live stream” and “live stream options” are particularly of interest.

It is interesting to note that some of the strings suggest that we’ll be treated to numerous different options for live streaming to YouTube. These include features such as viewing the number of viewers of the live stream, privacy options, and more.


Have you been wondering when Google will implement a download feature to Stadia so that you can finally save your best snaps from your gaming? Well, it looks like this feature will be introduced sooner rather than later, if the new strings are anything to go by! These also suggest that the aforementioned snaps may also be shareable onto Google when this feature is fully introduced and supported, as well.

Share Games With Your Family!

Though it’s not one of the “main” Stadia features, the ability to share games between family members with Google Stadia is one which is still of great significance. And, it seems that Google haven’t forgotten about the promises they made regarding this feature either; new strings suggest that work is being done to implement game sharing between family members. For those of us who are more family oriented, this implementation will certainly be a welcome one!

Update your Account

Like the looks of the new updates? Stadia 2.7 can now be downloaded directly from the Google Play store. Make sure to do so to see all that the update can offer for yourself!

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