Google Stadia’s Split Screen & Stream Connect

Google Stadia Split Screen has been Confirmed!

Google Stadia Split Screen Gameplay - Split-Screen on Google StadiaThe announcement of Stadia at the GDC was well over a week ago now, but a lot of the gaming community’s attention has been focused on concerns surrounding the nature of a cloud-based gaming system. However, there has been less attention given to the features that Stadia actually has to offer. One such feature which has been unfairly ignored is Google Stadia Split Screen.

According to Erin Hoffman-John, lead researcher for Google Stadia, split-screen gaming has been largely ignored due to the processing power requirements needed to run two different games concurrently. Of course, this isn’t such an issue for a streaming platform such as Stadia!

Google Stadia Split Screen and Stream Connect for Stadia

Does Google Stadia support split screen?The Stream Connect feature on Stadia works by powering each screen separately to the other. This means that, unlike in traditional gaming, the frame rate should remain constant and not dip or lag—even when playing multiplayer! Of course, as with all things Stadia related, the quality of the stream will still be dependent on the speed of your internet connection. But, considering that the minimum internet requirement is believed to be a below-average 15mbps, that shouldn’t be much of an issue for most households!

In a demo that was shown on stage at GDC 2019, Google showed off a game that was created exclusively to display local screen split gameplay on Google Stadia. The game opened different screens for each player, all on the same screen and connection! As of now, several players playing Stadia simultaneously using split-screen (at least 2-4 players) doesn’t seem like a problem at all!

According to Google, each player’s stream is a separate Stadia instance, which is what makes Google Stadia split screen cloud gaming possible.

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As we learn more about Google Stadia’s split screen feature, we will keep you posted! Join our community and help our community grow! Google Stadia split-screen gameplay is going to be amazing!

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