Google Stadia to be Supported for Other Mobile Devices!

Google has made it well known that Stadia would be available for its own Pixel devices for a while now. However, the gaming community has been left to wonder about the status of Google Stadia support for other mobile devices, such as iOS devices.

Thankfully, we can now say with some certainty that Google Stadia will be playable on devices other than just the Google Pixel. This will open up the opportunity for game streaming to anyone who owns a smartphone that is capable of running Google Chrome!

On their Stadia Twitter feed, Google announced a few days ago that they were “happy to bring Stadia to these #Pixel phones at launch, with select phones being added in the coming months.” But what does this mean for other mobile devices?

Since Google has now announced that Stadia will be available on all but the first version of its Pixel phone, the aforementioned “select phones” can be presumed to be non-Pixel devices.

While we cannot say for sure which mobile devices will be supported on Stadia when Google adds them at some point in the future of Stadia’s development, it seems likely that we will see Apple iPhones and Samsung phones available as part of this offering—considering that they make up the top ten most popular mobile devices of 2019 (see here for more stats).

Which mobile devices do you want to see supported for Stadia? Let us know in the comments!

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