Google Stadia UK Now Possible!

A few days ago, O2 announced that it would be offering an unlimited data package for its users in the UK. This means that all of the UK gamers will now be able to benefit from the thrills that Google Stadia gaming will be able to offer!

Google Stadia represents a potentially whole new era in the history of gaming; the possibilities that cloud gaming bring up could truly revolutionize the ways in which we play games. Indeed, if there is the possibility for Google Stadia to work well—without any latency or quality concerns—then the release of Stadia could truly represent the dawning of the new gaming age.

But what does this mean for the Google Stadia UK gaming market?

Google Stadia UK Gaming Made Possible!

It is well known that Stadia, as a cloud streaming platform, will invariably use up quite a large amount of data. The platform has already announced that it will be implementing a number of different features that will allow gamers to control the amount of data and internet that they use. However, for people who invest in a Stadia Pro subscription, the ability to stream in ultra high definition will be one which people will not want to miss out on for something as simple as running out of data.

The announcement that all of the major UK data providers will now be offering the option of an unlimited data plan is, therefore, great news for the Google Stadia UK gaming market. In addition, these providers will also be offering mobile data—in some areas, at the very least—in 5G.

If you ever thought Google Stadia gaming would be hindered by internet availability and internet speeds, think again. Change is coming—and this will mean that the people of the UK will have the chance to enjoy the many benefits of cloud gaming on their mobile data plans, just as their cousins in the States will (most likely, at least) be able to.

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