Google Stadia VR: The Lowdown

Google Stadia has the potential to revolutionize the way in which we play games, and as part of that possibility, it seems fairly likely that Google Stadia VR could be on the cards. With the ever growing interest and enthusiasm for virtual reality and the ways in which it could allow for a more immersive and enjoyable gaming experience, we can’t help but question whether Google will take that opportunity with implementing a Google Stadia VR feature.

Google Stadia VR Headset

Google Stadia Headset
It seems possible to us to think that a Google Stadia VR Headset could be seen at some point in the future of Google Stadia.

We’ve previously discussed it before, but it’s worth noting once again that there seems to be every chance of a Google Stadia headset coming out—if not immediately, then at least some point in the future. Google have already announced their unique Google Stadia Controller which is designed with a number of special features to allow for an improved gameplay and so it is not so much of a stretch to imagine that they might, at some point, release a special Google Stadia VR headset to further improve the quality of the gameplay on the Google Stadia gaming platform. Admittedly they haven’t announced this so far, and it has not even been hinted at, but to us it seems like a potentially natural progression for the Google Stadia gaming platform which may be released at some point in time. Potentially we won’t be seeing it immediately, but we expect that Google might take note of the possibilities of a Google Stadia VR system as time goes on at least.

Google Stadia VR: Why Haven’t We Heard About It?

While it might seem likely that such a revolutionary feature such as cloud gaming virtual reality would be highly stressed by the Google development team, if this feature is in the works or at least being considered, there are a number of reasons as to why announcing it right now wouldn’t be worthwhile.

microsoft sony deal
Microsoft and Sony have teamed up in response to the Google Stadia threat. Chances are, if Google Stadia VR was announced, they would jump at the chance to make their own versions.

To start with, it seems likely that we will be waiting until at least the Fall to see the release of Stadia, and in order to keep interest for the Google Stadia gaming platform high, Google will know that it will need to be releasing tidbits constantly to keep gamers interested. Potentially, holding back information such as the existence of Google Stadia VR could in fact be a strategic move, as such juicy information would be perfect for the company to make publicly known if interest starts fading.

Furthermore, we have seen so far that Sony and Microsoft have reacted strongly to the announcement of Google Stadia, with both announcing their new software and features in the wake of the Google Stadia announcement. Moreover, these two enemies have since teamed up in the fight against Google Stadia—and so, if Google was to announce such an incredible feature as Google Stadia VR now, Sony and Microsoft would surely jump on the opportunity and release their own versions. By contrast, if they hold off on releasing this information for a while—note how Google have, so far, only released vague or otherwise menial details—then Sony and Microsoft won’t have the time to respond and develop their own solutions to Google Stadia VR, meaning that the Google Stadia cloud gaming platform would be the first platform to offer Virtual Reality on the market.

When Will We Hear About Google Stadia VR?

When it comes to revolutionary new technology, Google is clearly one of the leaders in the industry. Some of its most recently announced technological advances are set to provide groundbreaking solutions which could lead to further improvements in the tech we know and love. Though these are seemingly ‘unexciting’ compared to the extravagant and life changing features which are supposedly in development (does a Ready Player One world sound good to anyone?), they could potentially contribute to the development of the next big breakthrough.

In regards to Google Stadia VR, and virtual reality cloud gaming in general, Google is in the perfect position to be leading the way. They already have a Google Stadia controller and also have developed their own VR headset, which could surely be redesigned to be a Google Stadia VR headset. As such, we highly expect to see something that resembles this sort of feature with Stadia—but when?

That’s not such an easy question to answer, as it will depend highly on Google’s approach. If a Google Stadia VR headset is in the works, we could see it closer to the Google Stadia release date as a way of bolstering the public’s level of interest, or otherwise, we might see it released after Stadia itself. Alternatively, if it’s not already in the works, it could be that Google will take note of the possibilities of a Google Stadia VR system after the release of Google Stadia, and in this case, we may see Google Stadia VR a little later down the line.

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