Google Stadia vs Xbox: Is Microsoft Retaliating?

In previous posts, we analysed how Google Stadia is set to differ from the Xbox Two and the XCloud. Thus far, Microsoft has been rather defensive of its Xbox consoles and has been somewhat scathing in regards to Stadia. After initially praising its new features after its announcement at the GDC, it’s since been seen criticising the platform for not having enough content to make its big ambitions work. Evidently, the Google Stadia vs Xbox feud isn’t going to have a quick or easy resolution. However, Microsoft’s recent release of the ‘Xbox Game Pass Ultimate’ and their announcement of the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition make us wonder whether they’re a little more concerned than they may be letting on.

The new Xbox One S is said to retail for $249, a discount of $50 when compared to the cost of the regular model. It will also be releasing a new package for the users of this new console: the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Effectively, this is set to merge the Xbox Live Gold and the Xbox Game Pass into one service, making things simpler and more convenient for buyers.

Now, you might be thinking that those points aren’t all that relevant. Microsoft is, of course, perfectly within its rights to reduce prices and merge bundles together to make them look more attractive. However, when you consider their approach to Stadia thus far, and the fact that they’ve made these announcements at a time when Stadia is still gaining publicity and people are coming around to the idea of cloud gaming, it makes us wonder whether maybe they are feeling uneasy.

Could the rise of Stadia and the potential that it has to change the world of gaming have triggered Microsoft’s decision to make these announcements? Perhaps they’re trying to get fans before the release of Stadia with the discount. Or maybe it’s all just a coincidence. Who knows?

And so, the Google Stadia vs Xbox debate continues.

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