Google Stadia Watch Dogs Legion

There have been a lot of announcements of Google Stadia games recently, and the most recent announcement has been for Google Stadia Watch Dogs Legion. But will the Google Stadia version of the game be as big of a hit as the original? What can we look forward to for the game?

What Is Google Stadia Watch Dogs Legion?

Developed by Ubisoft as part of the Watch Dogs franchise, Google Stadia announced the latest addition to the Google Stadia games lineup this morning, and this new addition is Google Stadia Watch Dogs Legion. But what is the Watch Dogs franchise all about, and what can we expect from Google Stadia Watch Dogs Legion?

Never before seen on the gaming market, Watchdogs Legion will be released on March 6 2020 for the Google Stadia software (the game will also be made available on a number of other platforms, including the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One). The game is the sequel to the previous instalment in the Watchdogs franchise, Watch Dogs 2, which

The game is set in the city of London, and is typically played from a third person perspective. The game is expected to offer both single player and multi player functionality, and could even offer players a free trial—for Watch Dogs 2, Ubisoft allowed a 3 hours free demo of the game, and we can’t help but hope that they might also offer a free demo for Google Stadia Watch Dogs Legion as well.

Google Stadia Watch Dogs Legion Gameplay

In the Google Stadia Watch Dogs Legion version, players can look forward to exploring an open world version of the city of London in the role of a number of player characters, whose task will be to combat and rival the authoritarian regime that has taken power in the UK. A key point of interest for the Watch Dogs franchise is the number of methods by which the player can travel around the city; in keeping with London’s overall layout, the player can choose to walk, drive, or even take the London Underground to navigate their way around, giving the game an eerily realistic and believable gameplay. The player will also be able to make use of a number of different skills and abilities between each of the player characters, making for exciting and immersive game play experiences.

google stadia watch dogs legion 2
One of the many great touches in Google Stadia Watch Dogs Legion is that of the addition of the little touches that make London city unique, including the iconic London Underground as a working means of transportation.

One of the big points of interest for Google Stadia Watch Dogs Legion is that of the plot and the character arcs. Playing as multiple characters allows the player to explore a number of different storylines, and to develop an understanding for a rich and well built history for each of the aforementioned playable characters. However, any one of these playable characters can be lost permanently, adding a level of pressure to the game that cannot be rivalled by games where characters cannot be lost.

Google Stadia Watch Dogs Legion Release

Google Stadia Watch Dogs Legion is set to be released on March 6, 2020, and we can’t wait to see it on the Google Stadia platform! This also means that the game will also (most likely) be available at the same time as the full release of the Google Stadia software, which means it will be playable on both Google Stadia Pro and Google Stadia Base.

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