Green Light for Google Stadia: Featured in Wired

Not long after the recent announcement by the UK data company, O2, that it would be making truly unlimited data plans available for gamers, we have also been given approval of the Stadia platform from WIRED. This appraisal helps to instil confidence in the already much anticipated Google Stadia platform and will help to bolster the platform’s status and standing when the time comes for Stadia to be fully released for the UK market.

What Is WIRED?

WIRED is monthly magazine that is highly popular in both the US and the UK, and this popularity makes the magazine—which offers both digital and physical versions of its content—one of the target places that software and gaming platforms such as Stadia want to be featured.

Indeed, a platform as revolutionary as Google Stadia definitely deserved a mention in the magazine and, now that it has been featured in the UK version of WIRED, it is hoped that this new support will help to further bolster the hype that is currently surrounding Google Stadia in order to make the platform as successful and popular as it can possibly be.

As time goes on the release date for the early access release of Stadia approaches (which is in little over a month, now) this excitement and anticipation seems to only be growing; this feature in the WIRED magazine should truly help to get news about Google Stadia out to the final remnants of the gaming society who have not yet heard of this new and potentially game changing platform.

WIRED’S Article

WIRED detailed some of the basic information in their article about the Google Stadia gaming platform, including a number of different points in relation to the functioning of the game. The article covers in a fair degree of detail the basic intentions of the Google Stadia platform, making it a great read for people looking to refresh their knowledge on Stadia (after all—it has now been 7 months since the initial announcement!)

The article writers took note of the fact that the widespread use of a platform such as Stadia could allow for games to be played and shared on a scale never before seen. In addition to this, WIRED also made references to the history of the platform and its initial announcement, as well as giving some background into some of the many different team members associated with Stadia (with specific reference being given to the high credentials of the current Google Stadia team).

The article seemed to come to many of the same conclusions as we did, with the writers noting that Stadia’s threat seems to be placing additional pressure on both the Playstation and the Xbox. However, the article didn’t make any overall conclusions as to whether or not the company thought that Stadia will be a huge success—but we are 100% certain that the platform will be the incredible success that the current hype suggests that it will be.

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