Google Stadia World Of Warcraft

google stadia world of warcraft 2
Google Stadia World of Warcraft is a potential addition to the Google Stadia games database.

Google Stadia World of Warcraft is a game that we might potentially get the chance to play on the Google Stadia platform. But what could we expect from Google Stadia World of Warcraft?

What Is Google Stadia World of Warcraft?

While Google Stadia World of Warcraft has not yet been announced for the cloud gaming platform, it seems possible that we might get to see Google Stadia WoW at some point in the future.

WoW is an MMORPG that has been loved by gamers online since late 2004. As the fourth instalment in the Warcraft franchise, and with well over 100 million users having subscribed to the game in its lifetime, it seems likely that Google might want to try to get the developer—Blizzard Entertainment—to offer the game directly on the Stadia platform.

Will We See Google Stadia WoW?

Since WoW is already available for players to enjoy online anyway, adding it to Google Stadia seems like it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for the game developers. Sadly, Blizzard Entertainment have not yet pledged their allegiance to becoming a Stadia developer, so for now, we can only guess as to whether or not we will see Google Stadia WoW.

But what do you think—are you looking forward to seeing Google Stadia WoW on the Google Stadia platform?

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