Google Stadia’s Limitless Potential!

While the existing examples of cloud gaming services—most notably the Playstation Now—have been something of a failure among passionate gamers, the Google Stadia gaming platform has the potential to change all of that. In fact, it is the belief of the Google Stadia developer, Andrey Doronichev, that Stadia will simply revolutionise the gaming world, in the same way that music and video streaming services have done in their own respective industries (think Spotify and Netflix).

However, that isn’t all; according to Doronichev, the sheer power that will be offered by the Google Stadia gaming platform will give rise to a number of almost limitless gaming possibilities!

Limitless Gaming Opportunities With The Google Stadia Platform

One of the biggest limiting factors for current gaming consoles is the size of the storage capabilities of game disks and cards; as Doronichev put it, game developers and players won’t be hindered any longer by having to limit their gameplay experiences “to whatever fits in a little black box under your TV”. In other words, having games hosted on the cloud will allow game developers to make ever more complex and expansive games, and that can only mean one thing for gamers—limitless possibilities!

Think about it. ‘Invisible walls’ in open world games won’t have to be a thing any longer; games can continually expand their worlds without being limited by the amount of code that can be stored on a single game disc. Moreover, Stadia’s dual-device nature will mean that game developers can go to town with creating games that can be playable on any phone, laptop, tablet, computer, or smart TV; epic games will suddenly be playable on your mobile phone, wherever you are.

Fancy a quick spin on Google Stadia Grand Theft Auto on the loo or in the gym changing rooms, anyone (because you totally could if you wanted to). The possibilities are incredibly for MMO games, too; the power of cloud gaming could mean that huge numbers of players could join a server at a time and experience smooth and seamless gameplay, without lagging or lower quality visuals!

What about you? What Google Stadia possibilities are you most excited for? Let us know!

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