Google Stadia’s Next Big Reveal!

Believe it or not, it has now been well over two months since the initial announcement of Google Stadia. Since then, things have been a little on the quiet side in regards to new information about the platform. This has left us Stadia enthusiasts with little more to do than twiddle our thumbs and analyze the heck out of any information which we find.

Simply put, as a Google Stadia community, we at Share Stadia can’t wait for the next juicy information to be released. Luckily, thanks to the Google Stadia social media team, we now know when to expect to learn more!


From the Twitter post, it’s clear to see that we will be allowed another look at Stadia in the summer. This isn’t overly specific, unfortunately.

As we’ve discussed previously, Google will most likely not be attending this year’s E3 conference, much to the puzzlement of some in the gaming community. E3 is well known to be the highlight of the gaming year in terms of conferences, and on the whole, all of the major breakthroughs and information releases happen there. In fact, it seems to be something of the ‘go to’ event for game and console developers to release new facts regarding their projects to the public. Thus, by this logic, many people in the gaming community came to the conclusion that Google would be at E3; why wouldn’t they, right?

Not necessarily, and this may be seen as peculiar by many. As Phil Harrison said once:

“The summer is when we will be next back out in public [but] we’re not confirming E3.”

How to interpret this will depend on your viewpoint of Google and their ‘game plan’, as it were. Since the E3 conference is practically upon us now, we believe this to mean that Google won’t be presenting at E3, and that they will instead be doing something a little different. This seems

Google Stadia Release Date
The Google Stadia social media team gave us a very welcome tidbit of information on their Twitter feed… 

to fit perfectly with Google’s style thus far of trying to differentiate themselves from their two main and already established rivals, Sony and Microsoft. Indeed, the decision to announce Google Stadia at the GDC conference in March came as a bit of a shock, but Harrison pointed out that Google’s main aim presently is engaging the platform’s main stakeholders: the game developers, and the gamers themselves. Straying from the norm is one way to achieve this.

So, if not at E3, when will we see Google Stadia’s next information released? Well, considering that the Stadia team said details were “coming soon”, we like to hope that it will be in the early stages of summer. Potentially, it could even be before E3; from a strategic perspective, this would make sense as it would take interest away from the presenters at E3. That might be a bit of a push, though, and so we are most likely expecting to see more information released within the next month or two.

Here at Share Stadia, we can’t wait to hear more about the Google Stadia price—after months of speculating on this—as well as information in regards to the platform itself and when it will be released. Interested as well? Then follow us on our Facebook or Twitter and join our community for all of the latest news and updates on Google Stadia as it progresses!


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