Joining & Growing the Stadia Community

As the days grow shorter and as we step closer to the November 19th launch date of Google Stadia, there’s still a ton of questions to ask and information to be shared throughout the Stadia community. Winter is coming, and so is Stadia — but not to disrupt the gaming industry, rather lead us into the future of gaming and everything 2020 has to offer.

Growing The Stadia Community & Future Stadia Growth

ShareSTADIA was founded only days after Google Stadia was announced on March 19th at GDC 2019, on March 21, 2019. We had our website online and showcasing information about Stadia the next day. Eight months isn’t that long of a wait, but it certainly is quite some time, and it definitely felt like it! We remember it as if it were yesterday, writing posts about State Share for Google Stadia and Google Stadia’s Crowd Play feature, and wondering where this entire project would ever go. Well, here we are… and it went up! 🚀

We Thank the Entire Stadia Community

We’ve seen the community grow first-hand and it’s incredible. We sincerely thank all of our members, contributors, followers, visitors and everyone who has made ShareSTADIA the great community it is today. As well as all the other Stadia communities that have joined us — from the other websites, YouTube channels, podcasts, streamers, game developers and more. Thank you all for believing in Stadia, and knowing that Google will deliver the #1 cloud gaming platform on November 19th. 😀

You Can Post on ShareSTADIA, Too!

Most of the Google Stadia questions and discussions you’ve read have taken place on communities such as Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. And that makes complete sense. We’re not trying to change that, and we wouldn’t want to! Simply put, we’d like to be an additional, reliable, free-speech and open source of information for the Stadia community. We’re a very fair, level-headed and open-minded community that will continue to grow with Stadia. Please help us reach our growth goals, and become an even greater community by registering at ShareSTADIA today.

After registering, you can do a bunch of cool things! These include:

Thank You For Making Us The #1 Stadia Community

THANK YOU again to all of our supporters, we know who you are! ♥ Especially the OG’s on Twitter! ♥ Be sure to follow us on ALL social networks at ShareSTADIA on Reddit, ShareSTADIA on Twitter, ShareSTADIA on Facebook, ShareSTADIA on LinkedIn.

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