How I Feel About Google Stadia After 1 Week of Streaming

So, Google Stadia has been out for a little over 2 weeks, and I streamed games to my laptop for about a week or so at this point in time.

During this time, I am looking forward to streaming Tomb Raider and properly reviewing that once I get the chance to in the coming weeks.

For now, though, I want to discuss how I currently feel about Google Stadia as a whole.

The Good About Google Stadia

For one, I like the whole “2 Free Games Every Month” stuff.Samurai Showdown Stadia

I enjoyed playing Samurai Shodown. As I stated in my review,  Samurai Shodown (on Stadia) had very little lag, a smooth 60FPS, and Little-to-NO Input lag or latency issues. It also was nice playing a nice and FUN Samurai Shodown game again after the Xbox 360 disaster of Samurai Shodown Sen. As I quote: “The Dojo and Ruins stages are impressively-detailed, and very beautiful-looking. That little bit of lag/latency at the end of my 1st session killed the enthusiasm, but the ability to stream the game with NO downloads required is a miraculous feat (same with every other game on the service, except for NBA 2K20 for some reason). I look forward to replaying this again real soon.”

Destiny 2 The Collection, the other free game for the month of November 2019, was pretty darn fun. Though I haven’t gotten even remotely CLOSE to scratching the surface of what the game offers, I’m IMPRESSED by Bungie’s ability to get the game to friggin’ work with the Stadia streaming service.

Here’s a screenshot of Destiny 2 The Collection below:

How I Feel About Google Stadia After 1 Week of Streaming 1

December 2019’s new Free games are Farming SImulator 19 Platinum edition, and the first game of the rebooted Tomb Raider trilogy. I’m very excited to play the latter game again after playing on two Xbox One systems.

Google Stadia Tomb Raider - ShareSTADIA

I’m excited for being able to eventually purchase and try Darksiders Genesis ahead of Console Owners. That’s one advantage of having Stadia.

The Bad of Google Stadia

Google Stadia did have its’ moments of lag, snd when they occur in a fast-paced game like Destiny 2 The Collection, that – along with HOMING SHOTS – can all add up to some pretty unfair and frustrating as HELL deaths that’re entirely the game’s fault instead of your own lack of skill (to an extent). I’ve had input lag be the literal cause of pretty much every death I’ve experienced so far.

Also, not being compatible with Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7s is a crime, people!

The Current Verdict-In-Progress

As we approach the 1-month anniversary of Google Stadia, many people over on Reddit and Youtube and Social media have written Stadia off as a future “dead meme, dead dream.”
They’re soo wrong!

Stadia has potential to redeem itself, but only if YOU give it that chance. It has support for Xbox One and PS4 controllers. Its got a decent library of quality games (NBA 2K20 is the sole exception). It’s got its’ own exclusives, to boot!

Whether you like Stadia or not, it’s sticking around for awhile. Just give it a chance. I was skeptical initially, but once I got to see the magic myself, I fell in love, and I’m sure you will fall in love with Stadia as well.

I give it a 4 out of 5 – A great time with some minor hiccups.

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