How Much is Stadia? How Much Will Stadia Cost?

Only one month to go! Stadia is set to come out in November in the USA, UK, Canada, and some of Europe. Countdown time!

Can’t Wait! How Much Is Stadia? How Much Will Stadia Cost

Did you remember to buy your Founder’s Edition before it sold out? It is sold out in Europe already, but in the USA, it costs $129.99 and will get you a nice starter kit including a Stadia controller in the exclusive Midnight Blue, a black Google Chromecast Ultra, and 3 months of Google Stadia. And then throw in the Buddy Pass, which includes Stadia for 3 months to a family member or friend as well!

The controller on its own will not come in Midnight Blue bought separately, only coming in “Wasabi” Green (think Mint Green), Standard White, and Black, and goes for $69 on its own, US prices, a Buddy Pass to game with friends, and can play Stadia on all the supported devices.

Stadia Pro at $9.99/month includes Google Stadia game service with 4K resolution, 60 fps and 5.1 surround sound. You’ll have the ability to purchase games whenever you want, receive exclusive discounts on select game purchases, and ships with Destiny 2: The Collection!

Stadia Base will launch in 2020, costs $0.00 (that’s right, FREE!) and supports 1080p 60fps stereo sound. You’ll have the ability to purchase games whenever you want, however don’t receive any exclusive discounts on select game purchases.

How Much Is Stadia? Is It Worth It?

A Chromecast Ultra on its own goes for $69.

A Stadia Pro account for three months on its own would be $30. and your friend playing on their own Stadia Pro account would add another $30.

Together, that would be exactly $300, which is already over twice the $130 that the Founder Edition goes for. That is a high quality package right there.

Stadia Across The Ocean: How Much Will Stadia Cost?

It is sold out in Europe. Belgians and French gamers and German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, and Finnish gamers (for some reason, Swiss people have to wait, Noch keine Stadien für dich!) only have the option to buy Stadia’s Premiere Edition at this point.

The Premiere Edition comes with a plain Clearly White controller, a Chromecast ULtra, three months of Stadia Pro, and the full Destiny 2 collection, for €119.00 in Ireland, €129.00 in Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Finland, and the Netherlands, DKK999 in Denmark, SEK1,399 in Sweden, and NOK1299 in Norway. It does not come with a Buddy Pass, unfortunately.

The UK and Ireland still have the Founder Edition available, at £119.00 in the UK and €119.00 in Ireland.

As a heads up, if you are American and living in Hawaii, unfortunately, Stadia will not be available on launch. Current Internet speeds not aligned for the power of Google Stadia.

How Much is Stadia? Stadia Base (Free)!

In case all of this still sounds just too expensive, the free version–yes, Free–will be coming out in 2020, at 1080p at 60 fps and stereo sound. On that version, games will cost individually, but with how connected Stadia is, if you want to hook in a random controller and play on your Chrome Browser on a tiny device that can run Chrome Browser, you can game with those specs on anything, anywhere that runs Chrome!

How Much Will Stadia Cost? Buy The Founder’s for $129.99!

At only $130 for the Founder Edition and only $9.99, less than Netflix, Google Stadia is looking to change gaming forever! Now when all our friends asks how much Stadia costs, we can tell ’em!

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