How Much Will Google Stadia Games Cost?

We’ve heard a lot about all of the exciting new titles that are going to be released for the Google Stadia gaming platform. However, up until now, we have not yet been given much of an indication as to how much these games will actually cost us to buy in the first place.

How Much Will Google Stadia Games Cost?

While we have been aware of the fact that the Google Stadia platform will offer its game developers with a number of different monetization options and opportunities, we have—as of yet—not been given any information about the cost of actually buying games from the Google Stadia store. Thankfully, we have now been given an answer.

Andrey Doronichev, when questioned about the cost of buying Google Stadia games from the Google Stadia store, said that Google was committed to being fair to its developers. As such, the prices for games on the Google Stadia platform—with the exception of the free games offered that are to be offered for members who have the Google Stadia Pro subscription—will be determined at a competitive rate to other copies of the game available for other consoles on the market.

As such, a game that is generally priced at or around the $50 mark will be charged at a price that will be roughly the same. Google’s primary concern in this regard is ensuring that its game developers are treated fairly and get the same payment for their games as they normally would, which will—in turn—help to entice and encourage developers to publish their games for the Google Stadia games database.

This is obviously of a great benefit for Google Stadia gamers, as having a great selection of games to choose between will be important in order to ensure that Stadia will be able to stand the test of time. One of the biggest early criticisms of the Playstation Now was the fact that it only offered older games on its cloud gaming platform, and many players found that the poor selection and choice was not worth the rather high subscription fee of $19.99 per month—twice that of Stadia’s fee!

Will I Have To Buy Games On Google Stadia If I Already Own Them?

Unfortunately for those Google Stadia gamers who already own copies of their favorite games, new copies will need to be purchased directly from the Google Stadia store in order for them to be able to play the aforementioned games on the Google Stadia platform. As such, it is highly recommended that people wait to buy any new games until they have the opportunity to buy them on the Google Stadia store, unless they are happy with paying for the same game twice.

On that note, however, Google have made some reference to the fact that they are keen to enable cross platform playing for their games, and this raises the question of—will we be able to play games collaboratively with gamers playing the same titles on other consoles?

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