How To Get Stadia

How To Get Stadia -- Get Stadia Now!Wondering how to get Stadia? It’s pretty easy, actually! Google initially launched a Founder’s Edition, which costs $129 — however that has since been sold out and discontinued on September 18th. You can still get Stadia with their latest Premiere Edition, or just buy a controller and/or wait until the subscription comes out!

Here’s How to Get Stadia

How To Get Stadia? Buy Now!Now it’s time to get Stadia and place your order! Head on over to Google Stadia’s Official Website ( and check out the current offerings! We’ve already got our Founder’s Edition of Stadia.

Get Stadia Now!

Hurry up, we just told you how to get Stadia! Go buy it at Google Stadia’s Official Website!

What Did You Get On The Stadia Store?

Comment below which Stadia package you bought! Need more help on how to get Stadia, or questions about Google Stadia in general? Join the discussion below!

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