How to Tell When Your Copy of Stadia Will be Delivered

It is now known that the official release date for the Google Stadia Founder’s Edition and the Google Stadia Premiere Edition is from the 19th November, 2019. However, we currently have not been given much to go on about how long this release process will take, and nor have we had the chance to know when our own copies of Google Stadia will be playable from.

When Google announced that the release of Stadia would be from the 19 November, they specified that this would be based on when the individual in question ordered their copy of early access. Theoretically, this thusly means that all of the copies of the Founder’s Edition will be released first, with Premiere Edition holders being given their copies after.

But how can you tell when you will be able to play on Google Stadia? Is it possible to find out when your copy of Google Stadia will be redeemed and active?

Actually, yes, it is.

Announced on Reddit on Saturday, Reddit user GracefromGoogle announced that gamers would be able to track the status of their order from their “orders” page on the Google Store. From here, you will then be able to find the expected delivery date for your copy of Stadia.

It should be noted that this is only an expected delivery date, and the real date of delivery could be variable based on how quickly the huge number of Stadia copies can be delivered.

While this isn’t the perfect solution for people who can’t wait much longer to buy and play their own Google Stadia games, this should give you an idea of when you will be able to play on Stadia; more specific dates and times for delivery will also be updated when your new gadgets are shipped out from the Google Stadia warehouses.

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