Huge Google Stadia Discount—$30 Off!

We all love getting a bargain, and the newly announced Google Stadia discount could allow us to do exactly that! But is this new Google Stadia saving worthwhile, or should you wait to join Stadia?

With the threat of Coronavirus and the rapidly growing number of people having to isolate themselves due to lockdowns, it seems that Google have jumped on the bandwagon and offered their customers with a surprisingly generous Google Stadia discount!

Is the Google Stadia Discount Worthwhile?

At present, the only way that people can join the Google Stadia platform is to invest in a copy of Google Stadia Premiere Edition. Though it is currently in the works, a free version of Google Stadia is not yet available—so the chance to save money could be a huge incentive for some people to join up to the Google Stadia platform.

The offer is a relatively simple one: buy a copy of Google Stadia Premiere Edition, and Google will give you a $30 discount on the price of the package! Considering that the Premiere Edition normally retails at a price of $129, a $30 Google Stadia discount is therefore a saving of just under 25%.

Most people will probably agree that 25% off isn’t a bad saving at all, especially when you consider the fact that the Premiere Edition itself already gives people the chance to save money on the price of buying the components individually.

What’s Contained in the Offer?

The new discount is based on the Google Stadia Premiere Edition package. The precursor to the Premiere Edition—Google Stadia Founder’s Edition—was the first package that was released to Stadia gamers, and even sold out before the original release of Stadia, proving just how popular it was. The Premiere Edition was then released as a second tier subscription package, but there is still no doubting that the Premiere Edition still represents a great chance to save money and get on board with Stadia early on! And now, you have the chance to get your own copy of the Premiere Edition for a nearly 25% lower price too!

The Premiere Edition contains a number of different perks and products for people who buy it. Normally, it retails at a price of $129, and even then it saves subscribers money on the contents of the package; as such, the price being reduced to just $99 clearly will give great value for money compared to buying the subscription separately.

Stadia Pro Subscription

The most notable feature of the Premiere Edition is the three months of Stadia Pro subscription, which would normally retail at $29.97. With that being said, the only way to play Google Stadia is to have a copy of Stadia Pro at present, since the free version of the software has not yet been released, and the only way to get a subscription is through the Premiere Edition—making this an important consideration.

Google Stadia Controller

Huge Google Stadia Discount—$30 Off! 2
Premiere users get their own “Clearly White” Google Stadia controller, which is worth $69.

Another thing that you will receive when you purchase a copy of the Google Stadia Premiere Edition is your own Google Stadia controller. Users who purchased a copy of the Founder’s Edition back in the day got their own limited edition Google Stadia controller in Night Blue, whereas the controller included with the Premiere Edition is in a Clearly White color instead. The Stadia controller is valued at $69, so buying a copy of the Premiere Edition with the Stadia controller will clearly offer savings—especially when you consider the Google Stadia discount of $30 that has now been rolled out as well.

Google Chromecast Ultra

Google Stadia Pre Order Founder's Edition Chromecast
The Chromecast Ultra, when sold separately, retails at a price of $69 (just as with the Google Stadia controller).

Also included in the Premiere Edition package is your own Google Chromecast Ultra. The Chromecast Ultra is a game streaming device that will allow gamers to stream games directly onto the biggest screen in their house—their Smart TV. The Chromecast Ultra simply plugs into the TV’s HDMI port, as standard, and will allow for ultra high definition game streaming in up to 4k definition!


As before, it it clear that the Premiere Edition will save money for buyers—and people who take advantage of the current $30 Google Stadia discount will be getting great value for money!

How Much Will I Save With the Premiere Edition?

The Google Stadia Premiere Edition usually sells for $129, and the new saving of $30 means that it is now temporarily priced at just $99. This represents a huge saving for gamers, when one considers the value of the individual items; the three months of Stadia Pro is worth $29.97, while the Google Stadia controller and Chromecast Ultra are both worth $69 each.

This means that the combined price for the products in the Premiere Edition is $167.97. In other words, the current discount of $30 means that people who take the saving will actually be saving a grand total of nearly $70, instead of buying items separately! In other words, the current Premiere Edition price means a saving of (nearly) half!

Should I Take Advantage?

With all of the new restrictions that have been brought into play due to Coronavirus, a lot of people are finding themselves with more free time than they had before. Of course, this also means that people are getting bored and running out of things to do—and Google will know this. As such, offering a Google Stadia discount now is a great way for Google to attract new gamers to the platform!

Unfortunately, the current sale has ended—however, we can hope that Google will offer up further savings in the coming weeks as well!

Remember—a lot of people might be taking the whole matter jovially, but Coronavirus really is no laughing matter. Keep yourself, your family, and your friends protected by maintaining the core principles of social distancing as much as you possibly can—keep at least 6 feet, or more, away from other people and if you develop a cough or a fever, don’t risk it by going out anyway. We’re all in this together, so stay safe, stay at home—and maybe you should take advantage of this, or future, Google Stadia Premiere Edition savings to occupy the time.

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