Is Streaming The Future For Games?

In recent years, game streaming services (such as PlayStation Now and GeForce Now) have been met with a relatively poor reception. Users have complained of issues with the latency of the systems and frequent occurrences of lag. The pricing of these systems has left many players feeling disappointed, too, with PlayStation Now costing $20 per month despite it only being available on the PlayStation 4 and Windows 10 devices.

Stadia already has a leg up on the other existing streaming services due to it being able to run on multiple different devices, though Google is yet to confirm whether it will be creating a version for iOS systems. However, in direct competition with Stadia, Microsoft is supposedly working on its own version which is set to be launched later this year. Even Amazon is thought to have teamed up with Apple to create their own take on game streaming services.

All things considered, we won’t really know for sure whether or not Stadia (and cloud gaming in general) will be a big success until it is officially released to the public. Reviews of the Stadia demos so far have been very positive in regards to the quality of the streaming, with real concerns over lagging and latency almost non-existant.

Cloud streaming still has a lot to prove before avid console gamers will be convinced to change their systems, at least for the time being. Furthermore, the big gaming companies are still putting large amounts of money into developing new consoles despite the increasing interest in game streaming. But, if Google’s claims in regards to Stadia’s power prove to be true, the future could very well be looking bright for Cloud gaming.

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