Let’s Win the Holidays: Bring Your Stadia With You

Happy Holidays everyone and thanks for visiting ShareSTADIA! Let’s first start off by clarifying the title — we know ‘Bring Your Stadia’ isn’t grammatically correct! Threw that bombshell in there for all the folks who still refer to Stadia as ‘The Stadia’. 😂 Nonetheless, it means the same thing. It’s acceptable and seems to be getting branded into a term. Stadia is awesome. Hells yeah! 🚀

Let’s Double Down on Stadia

Let's Win the Holidays: Bring Your Stadia With You 1Going to a family party, friend’s house, public or work event where there will be Internet and a TV? Now’s the time to bring Stadia with you. Be the real MVP of the event or party and throw on some Stadia. People will ask questions. Be prepared to answer them with what Stadia is, how you play it and how it works.

Remember that you can play directly on Stadia.com, with your Stadia controller and Chromecast Ultra on TV, with your supported phone and Stadia controller only, and plenty of other setups not listed. 😉 All you’ll need when traveling is a capable internet connection (10mbps+) and preferably a 5GHz Wifi network, if not connected directly via Ethernet cable.

Google’s Extra Buddy Pass

On December 17th, Google gave Founder’s Edition owners an additional Buddy Pass to further grow Stadia. A Stadia Buddy Pass gives a friend three months of Stadia Pro. When released in January 2020, Stadia Pro normally costs $10 per month. It offers 4K/HDR streaming, 5.1 surround sound and access to free games. Don’t be hesitant to use your extra Buddy Pass on a friend! That’s what they’ve given them to us for. We’ve had the pleasure of watching some gamers go all-in on Stadia after giving a few Buddy Passes away. 👍 Bought controllers, Chromecast Ultra, the whole setup.

Grow Your Game Library (If you want)

Stadia has some pretty awesome deals on games right now. Check out the full list of games that are on sale (most of them only until 12/24).
Google Stadia Holiday 2019 Store Deals

Continue Playing & Supporting

Last but not least, continue playing Stadia and supporting the community! It has been an awesome month of gaming on Stadia and truly a pleasure. Bring Stadia with you to holiday parties and events, and show off the true capabilities, quality and gameplay that Stadia offers. With public access coming shortly after the New Year, now’s the time to really take over the gaming market and show everyone what Stadia is.

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Thanks for all your continued support! Comment below on what you do to help promote and grow Stadia this holiday season! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! ⛄❄🎄

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