Mad Box Console In Jeopardy Due To Google Stadia

It’s been a little while since Slightly Mad Studios’ made the announcement of their ‘most powerful console ever made’, the Mad Box. The Mad Box Console was first introduced on social media by its CEO, Ian Bell, and was set to be an impressive console. With its distinctive M-shaped design and its bright color scheme, it was set to be a big deal—until the release of Google Stadia, anyway.

The marketing director for Slightly Mad Studios, Nathan Bell, told PCGameInsider that “we had some solid investment lined up but Google saying ‘the future of gaming isn’t in a box’ hasn’t done us any favors… All I can say at this stage is the future of the project is questionable.”

The Mad Box Console was supposed to be launching in three years or more. It was designed to provide a high-fidelity VR experience and the specifications for the box would be matching those of a “very fast PC two years from now”.

Unfortunately for Slightly Mad Studios, they haven’t exactly had a smooth run with their Mad Box project. After filing the name in January with a European IP organization, they found that they were unable to trademark the name when a French game developer who went by the name of Madbox made their own objections known.

As such, it seems fairly likely overall that the MadBox as we know it won’t be coming out, and the fall in investment after Stadia’s announcement surely won’t have helped that. Whilst this is obviously a blow for VR fans and for Slightly Mad Studios themselves, however, avid supporters of the Google Stadia gaming platform can take note of the fact that developers and investors are aware of Stadia and are making investment choices based, in part, on its potential for success.

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