New Game Announcement: Google Stadia GRID

Forget long and excessively-woven storylines and complicated plots that make your head hurt trying to make sense of things; Google Stadia GRID will be coming to your Smart TV, laptop, mobile, tablet, and any other internet enabled devices this Fall, and it is set to provide players with hours of pure, thrilling entertainment.

What Is Google Stadia GRID?

Developed and created by the British video game developer and publisher, Codemasters, Google Stadia GRID is likely to be released at the same time as the original release of the Google Stadia gaming platform, and will provide players with hours of thrilling racing experiences. The GRID games—a part of the TOCA series of racing titles—are designed to be exhilirating racing games where players can experience the true thrills of owning and driving their own vehicles in a racing environment. The games task players with building their racing career and offer a number of incredible upgrade options and objectives to achieve, and this makes the GRID games the perfect choice for anyone who can appreciate the rush that comes with playing these incredible games.

Google Stadia GRID can be expected to offer players a number of different terrain choices—from standard street driving to full on endurance races—and is likely to come with a multiplayer option, where Google Stadia players can challenge their friends to the race of a lifetime!

google stadia grid
Fans of racing games are in for a treat when Google Stadia GRID hits the Google Stadia platform.

Unlike so many other racing games, the GRID series of racers have a focus on realistic racing experiences. The game features believable damage models and systems. All in all, the Google Stadia GRID game will be the perfect addition to the Google Stadia games database for lovers of racing



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