New Google Games UI For Stadia!

Just in time for the early access release of Google Stadia, Google has taken the step of making a change to the way in which people access information about their favorite video games.

This new UI is not yet released for the public’s use, however, it is generally expected that it has been specifically implemented in order to help bolster Google Stadia. Assuming the leaked image with which we have been provided is reliable, this new user interface could make it incredibly easy for players to search for all of their favorite games.

Google Stadia And The New Google UI

New Google Games UI For Stadia! 2
The new Google UI for games searches seems somewhat tailored towards Stadia gamers, due to the inclusion of a “For Sale” tab which will likely tell people where they can buy a copy of the game—including on the Stadia Store.

The new Google UI doesn’t make huge numbers of changes, but it seems to be the case that the additional inclusion of a content section is geared heavily towards promoting different games.

The screenshot of the new UI shows that Google is in the process of adding a new “information bar” to the leftmost side of the user’s screen. This information bar currently includes links for people to learn more about a number of different aspects regarding gameplay, including:

  • an overview of the game—this section is very similar to what we are offered at present and includes a brief description of the developers of the game (sourced from Wikipedia in the above reference); the release date; the composer(s) who worked on the project; the game developer; the publisher; the genre of the title in question; and the platforms on which the game can be played
  • information about the gameplay of the title in question
  • reviews from gamers and review sites that detail the overall success of the game
  • songs included in the game’s soundtrack
  • videos that are based on the game in question
  • weapons and characters available for players to make use of and play as in the game, as well as potentially information about some of the most important NPCs
  • for sale—presumably where this game can be purchased
  • guides for how to best play the game, which can be especially beneficial for people looking for a little help on how to progress through the game
  • “people also search for”

This list will help gamers to find out all of the most interesting information about their favorite games more quickly, thereby helping them to get back to playing! However, with the timing of this announcement, it is widely believed that the primary purpose of this change will be to help direct Google Stadia players to their favorite resources and the like; the fact that the sidebar includes a list of potential places for people to buy the game indicates that the Stadia Store will probably be making an appearance as the number one option for those titles which are available on the platform already.

Is This Necessary?

While this is only a minor change to the current Google UI and one which probably hasn’t taken the Google team a large amount of money or resources, many people are concerned that this new UI won’t be of a great benefit and will have been a waste.

But what do you think? Will this be a great change for Google to have implemented, especially in the case of Stadia gamers? Or will this be one of those changes that goes largely unappreciated? Let us know in the comments section below!

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