Google Stadia Takes Over Playa Vista — New Studio & More!

One of the most exciting features of the Google Stadia platform is surely going to be the range of Stadia exclusive games. Of course, these exclusive titles need a team of game developers behind them if they are to be any good—and now, we can confidently say that another Google studio has been added to the roster!

Initially, we learned about the first Google Stadia game studio last year. The first of these exclusive studios to be announced was one that is based in Montreal—Typhoon Studios—which Google explained would allow them to create games for Stadia that were “More ambitious. More inclusive. More accessible. More immersive. More engaging.

But a single game studio isn’t going to be able to provide the number of exclusive titles that Stadia gamers are going to be expecting—that much is clear, unless the quality of the games would be compromised. Luckily, though, the team has now announced that they are also working to establish a second exclusive studio to join the ranks!

The New Studio

The new studio is set to be located in Playa Vista, California. One of the most exciting aspects of this new studio, though, is the fact that it is going to be led by Shannon Studstill—an “industry leading veteran” who is sure to contribute a huge amount of skill and expertise to the team!

Google made the ambitious decision to hire Sony employee and industry veteran, Shannon Studstill, to run their new Google exclusive studio in Playa Vista, California. This bold move means that Studstill’s expertise should hopefully be put to good use, considering the limitless nature of cloud gaming—we can hope to see some revolutionary content released under her leadership.

This is an incredibly tactical move, it could indeed be argued; in the past, Shannon Studstill used to work for Sony, meaning that she is not only contributing her impressive level of expertise to the Stadia team but is also taking away that skill from Sony, too.

Studstill has an impressive resumé and has been directly involved with numerous award winning projects in the past, in her work at Sony’s Santa Monica studio. The hope now is that she will be able to replicate that incredible success with the Google Stadia team, to create Stadia games that are as impressive and revolutionary as we have been expecting.

Why Google Needs its own Game Studios

For some gamers, there is a little bit of confusion as to why Google needs to be investing so much money in acquiring exclusive game studios. However, this is actually a move that makes a huge amount of sense for both the profitability of Stadia and the long term success of the platform.

At present, we now know of two game studios that are under Google’s control: Typhoon Studio and this new studio, too, which is currently unnamed. It is known that Google are currently advertising positions for 10 new staff members for the new studio, indicating that they are serious about making this new studio work for them. It has also been affirmed that the early team of ten skilled individuals will be increased over time, too, hinting at the potential scale of the games that could be developed exclusively for Stadia.

After all, with Stadia, the limits to the games that can be made are practically non existent—but a highly skilled, passionate, and dedicated team will surely be needed to make this work.

Looking Forward

The intention behind Stadia is to create a gaming platform that is “one destination for all the ways we play“. As part of this, it is essential that Google works to create a series of their own exclusive titles that will only be playable on the platform. These games should truly be pushing the boundaries; it seems safe to assume that the games that will be produced by these two Stadia studios should work to demonstrate the incredible power and capacity that Stadia cloud gaming can offer.

Are you looking forward to seeing what these studios can offer? What do you think about Google’s decision to take on Shannon Studsill to run the new studio? Let us know in the comments section below!

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