New Google Stadia Games To Be Announced!

One of the most exciting things to learn about, in regards to Google Stadia, is that of its games list. After all, there would be no point in having a subscription to a cloud gaming platform such as Stadia if the games that were offered on it weren’t up to scratch—just look at the Playstation Now and its misfortunes, after it made the mistake of offering gamers with hundreds of ‘clearance’ games and old titles that weren’t up to the standard that modern gamers would expect.

Thankfully, we have been allowed quite a generous amount of information in the last month or so about a large number of the titles that will be available on the Google Stadia gaming platform. As such, knowledge of these games means that we can be confident in the quality of our gaming experiences on Stadia. But, as of recent, the information regarding new Google Stadia games seems to have slowed down a little.

While this is a little frustrating for many people, this delay will not be for long; we can expect to see new information and titles released at the next Stadia Connect event!

The Next Stadia Connect Event

Google Stadia Games
The Google Stadia team added a list of the existing Google Stadia games to their tweet about the next Google Stadia event, indicating that we should be able to expect a lot of information regarding new games and titles at the upcoming Stadia Connect event.

The next Stadia Connect event is set to be held by Google on August 19 at 10AM PDT (7PM CEST). The last event brought us a lot of exciting new information, and arguably the most notable of the new information that we got the opportunity to find out about was that of the subscription packages that will be available on the Google Stadia platform. However, we were also given the opportunity to witness a number of the new and exciting titles and gameplay that will be available for Google Stadia gamers, and we are expecting the chance to see the same new information reveals at this event as well!


While we do not know ecactly what will be discussed at the next Stadia Connect event, we do at least know that new games will be revealed thanks to a tweet made by the Google Stadia team on their Twitter page. Along with the tagline of, “who knows what will be revealed in the next StadiaConnect, the team also made the decision to include a photo of the current games list—strongly indicating that new games should be having a large role in the event this time around.

Are you looking forward to learning more about Google Stadia? Watch this space, as we will be doing our best to provide our readers with a livestream of the next Stadia Connect event, just as we did last time. We will also be covering all of the juicy new information in the days to follow the event, so that you can be confident of never missing out on all of the best Google Stadia news and updates!

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