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GeForce Now is not a threat to Google Stadia 1

GeForce Now is not a threat to Google Stadia

Last week, Nvidia’s long-awaited game streaming service GeForce Now graduated from a three-year beta to full public release. Since then, the internet has been buzzing with claims that Google Stadia is now obsolete before it ever got off the ground. Add in all the negative press Google’s service received after launch, and Stadia’s demise looks to be all but certain — except these two services aren’t actually competing with one another at all.

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Founders Edition Sold Out(2)

REVEALED: Stadia Leak Shows NEW Developers & Info

Yesterday, the Stadia mobile app released on the Google Play store. Whilst access to most of the app is blocked due to an invite code being required, reddit user u/AquaRegia has datamined the Stadia source code in order to produce over 4500 strings which detail different functionalities of the app. The user created a script which filtered the large amount of strings into the smaller but still significantly large number of 1520. Written by squashpickle I’ve tried to condense these strings into different categories however due to the large amount, it’s incredibly hard to categorise them all. The

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google stadia vs xcloud

Cloud Gaming Size of Games & Development

With Cyberpunk 2077, gamers will need 80 GB for PS4. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey sits at 45 GB. The developers of Orcs Must Die 3 have said they couldn’t be done without the size of Google Stadia! Google Stadia subscribers, however, only need a subscription and a controller, and they can play their games anywhere that can handle Chrome Browsers and the app required for the controller. Anywhere. Google has stated that their hardware can scale up to meet whatever the demand is. Even the best gaming PC in the world, with incredibly fast processor speeds, memory, and hard drives can’t

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From Project Stream to Google Stadia

Google Stadia has sent a wave of anticipation through the gaming community—whether it is a nervous or excited energy will depend on your expectations of the cloud—but it is not actually Google’s first attempt at a game-streaming service. Late last year, Google released a beta version of Project Stream, an experiment which they had created alongside Ubisoft. They had beta users test the (at the time) almost brand new game, Assassins Creed Odyssey, on their everyday-use laptops and computers. The results of the beta were surprising to most people involved; the gameplay was comparable to what you would expect from

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Stadia Cross-Platform

Google Stadia Cross Platform Cloud Gaming

Google has confirmed cross-platform play for Stadia, which allows you to play with your friends regardless of whether you’re gaming on your PC, console, mobile device or tablet. Whether or not games will allow play between Stadia versions and those on dedicated platforms, such as PlayStation 4, XBox One and PC is not yet known. However, games running on Stadia should work regardless of your hardware setup. That’s right — no more shelving out thousands just to be able to hop into the game! Phil Harrison, Google’s Vice President and General Manager, a former Microsoft and Sony exec, also mentioned

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Stadia Cloud-Based Streaming Gaming Platform

Does Stadia Spell Doom for The New PS5 and Xbox Two?

Stadia is a game streaming platform which will allow people to play incredibly high quality games over a standard internet connection and without lots of particularly expensive and hardcore hardware, all on Google Chrome. Or so Google claims. Whether or not it can really be done is the big question, but if it can work, there is the potential that Stadia could spell destruction for the sales of the new Play Station 5 and Xbox Two. We do not know when the new PS5 and Xbox will be released, with rumours ranging from 2019 to 2021. Regardless, their releases will

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