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Stadia State Share

What is State Share for Google Stadia?

State Share allows developers to instantly share a playable moment from a game. This includes its current world state, player’s inventory and position on the map, as well as many other factors within your game. How does Stadia’s State Share work? When using State Share, your current game’s state (progress) is encoded in a link that tells Stadia exactly where to pick up the game at any specific moment in time. You can send this link to any Stadia friend or player, who can click on it and join into the game at the exact moment it was shared. How

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Stadia Cloud-Based Streaming Gaming Platform

Stadia is the new cloud-based streaming platform from Google

Google announced Stadia, a new cloud-based gaming platform, at its GDC 2019 keynote Tuesday morning. It’s a major move for Google into the video game business, which is increasingly building toward streaming as a solution. Stadia is not a dedicated console or set-top box. The platform will be accessible over the internet on a variety of platforms: browsers, computers, TVs, and mobile devices. In an onstage demonstration of Stadia, Google showed someone playing a game on a Chromebook, then playing it on a phone, then immediately playing it on PC, picking up where the game left off in real time.

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