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Google Stadia Controller Examined

Stadia Controller Examined: It’s 100% Awesome!

One of the most underrated aspects of Google Stadia lies within one of the most important core components — the Stadia controller. Everyone wants to know how it will work, what requirements players will need to consider, and how they can play it as easy as Google advertises. Google has a lot of ground to cover as far as giving those who are interested and those who have adopted (Founder’s Edition) when it comes to information regarding Stadia. Show Me What You Got The one thing that Google doesn’t have much to answer for, is the only reliable agent we

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uplayplus google stadia games

Over 100 Google Stadia Games Announced!

Ubisoft—who were one of the first game developers to publicly declare their support for Google Stadia games—recently announced that their new PC subscription service, UplayPlus, will be released on September 3rd for PC users. This unique subscription package is said to give users unlimited access to well over 100 of Ubisoft’s most well-loved games, with additional exclusive DLCs also being offered as part of this package. UplayPlus is set to offer a number of the classic Ubisoft titles, as well as a large database of new games and new DLC content. Some of the exciting new titles include Watch Dogs:

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RUMOR: News on Google Stadia June 6, 2019 🤷

Could be there be some light? 🤷 If you’re not aware by now, the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2019, E3 2019, is happening on June 11th at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, CA. E3 2019 will be full of gaming news from all around the industry — including Microsoft and the new XBox, as well as Sony and the PS5 (or new PlayStation). It’s very possible that Google would like to be ahead of E3 hype and release some teaser news about Stadia prior to E3 2019. There have been rumors across the web that we’ll be hearing

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Google Stadia Doom Eternal

Will there be a free Google Stadia Beta coming by Summer 2019?

With all the talk about Google Stadia’s release date, we’ve had one question in mind as well — will there be a free Google Stadia Beta? Google Stadia updates, news and rumors have been surfacing much more as we near closer to Spring and Summer of 2019. Will Google release a Stadia beta instead of a full launch as the days wind down? Read more to learn about a possible Google Stadia Beta and what we’re hoping for! Is it possible that there could be a Google Stadia Beta? Yes, we know it’s far fetched considering Google already went from

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Google Will Develop Exclusive Games For Stadia

In an interview with Gamespot, Phil Harrison announced that Google is going to be branching out further with Stadia and creating some of its own unique games to run on the system. These games are said to be exclusive to the Stadia cloud servers and that it will be impossible to provide downloads to be used on other systems. In the interview, Harrison said, “It was a conversation that I had with Google leadership before I joined the company. My point of view was in order to really deliver on the promise of this platform, we had to build our

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What Games Will Be Available On Google Stadia? 1

What Games Will Be Available On Google Stadia?

Whilst the premise of Stadia is undeniably intriguing, as a gaming platform it can only be a success if existing franchises and developers agree to join the network. So far we know that Ubisoft and id Software have agreed to work with Stadia, but other gaming companies have not yet publicly announced that they will work with Google on this project. We have already been told that all games will have to be purchased before they can be played on Stadia, regardless of whether the player owns a copy already or not. However, we also know that cross-platform gaming is

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