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How To Use Stadia with any Chromecast Ultra

Google announced that only chromecast’s in the premiere edition and founder’s edition packages work with Stadia. However, reddit user u/kumakaichou has found a way to use any exisiting chromecast with Stadia via updating the firmware in their reddit  post. Here’s how to use any chromecast ultra with stadia: From your Google Home app, find your old Chromecast Ultra (CCU) device that you want to connect to Stadia Click on the device in the Home app to open its Now Playing page On the Now Playing page, click on the ⚙️gear icon in the upper-right hand corner to go to the

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Made by Google 2019

Made by Google Pixel 4 Release: Will We See Stadia?

It’s that time of year! We’re just days away from Google’s much anticipated event, Made by Google 2019. On October 15, 2019, Google takes the stage once again in New York City to showcase the latest gear, gadgets and hardware they’ve been working on! This year, of course, the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are highly anticipated! Google teased the event with this image, leaving a lot to be desired: “Come see a few new things Made by Google.” Will We See Stadia at Made by Google 2019? Yes, yes, that’s great, but what about Stadia?! While nothing has

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Google Stadia Controller Examined

Stadia Controller Examined: It’s 100% Awesome!

One of the most underrated aspects of Google Stadia lies within one of the most important core components — the Stadia controller. Everyone wants to know how it will work, what requirements players will need to consider, and how they can play it as easy as Google advertises. Google has a lot of ground to cover as far as giving those who are interested and those who have adopted (Founder’s Edition) when it comes to information regarding Stadia. Show Me What You Got The one thing that Google doesn’t have much to answer for, is the only reliable agent we

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Google Stadia Price

Will Google Stadia Make or Break AMD Gaming?

On March 20th, it was announced that Stadia would be using chips from AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) for powering its Stadia systems. Naturally this confidence caused the share price for AMD to rise quite considerably, but by the end of the day things had cooled off and AMD’s gains from the news had faded. Currently AMD is known for supplying the custom APUs (accelerated processing units) in Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s Playstation 4. These are designed to merge both the CPU and the GPU for the systems onto a single die, which has the effect of making the production

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Stadia GDC 2019 Controllers

First Look at the Google Stadia Controller

It isn’t going to be necessary to have the controller to use Stadia’s service, and Google have so far assured people that you can use any controller that you already own to use the service. However, the Stadia controller is designed to unlock the next level of gameplay features. It will also run over WiFi instead of bluetooth, the preferred choice of Xbox, which will give it a slight edge in latency. One of the features of the Stadia controller which we already know about is the Google Assistant, an integrated service which offers game help on-demand and can trigger

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Google Stadia Mobile Devices

Running Stadia on Mobile Devices

While playing games on your mobile phone often uses up a large amount of power and drains your battery quickly, Eurogamer was told in an interview that this wouldn’t be the case with Stadia! But why is that? Simply put, due to the way that Stadia will work—it is essentially just playing a video instead—it shouldn’t be nearly as harsh on your phone’s power as normal games! In fact, it was stated that on a phone with good battery life, you could be playing a heavy game such as Doom or Assassin’s Creed for up to ten hours at a

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