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Google Stadia Pre Order Founder's Edition

Google Stadia Pre Order Available Now!

After the huge information drops that were announced at the first ever Google Stadia Connect on June 6, we are positively thrilled to announce that the Google Stadia Pre Order is now out for purchase! (If you missed the Stadia Connect event, you can watch the awesome three minute recap of all the best bits here, or if you’ve got more time, you can find our full event live stream.) Google Stadia Pre Order: What Is It? The Google Stadia Pre Order—a specially made package which has been called the Founder’s Edition—was specially designed for Google Stadia fans who simply can’t

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Google Stadia Price

Google Stadia Price Confirmed: Stadia Pro Plan

When it comes to gaming, Google Stadia is set to lead the way with its exceptionally high quality cloud streaming service—and, after two months of desperately questioning how the service will be priced and how much it will cost, Google themselves have finally given us an answer as to the Google Stadia price! Google Stadia Price Plans Revealed! At Google’s live stream of Stadia Connect today, they announced a critical piece of information: Google Stadia will offer their premium game streaming service, Stadia Pro, for a mere $9.99 per month—that’s half the price of Sony’s Playstation Now plan, and by

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Google Stadia Price, Release Date & Games – Everything We Know

Google Stadia Price — A Question We All Have After Google’s announcement of Stadia that shocked the global gaming community at GDC 2019, there have been many questions left unanswered and many speculations about Google’s new cloud-based streaming gaming platform, Stadia. After years in development, formerly known as Project Stream, Google has promised to deliver triple-A game titles via Stadia to anyone with at least a 25mbps Internet connection — regardless of hardware. There have been many claims that Stadia could be the future of gaming. Google Stadia Price – How much is Google Stadia going to cost? Even though

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Stadia Cloud-Based Streaming Gaming Platform

What Internet Speed Will Stadia Run On?

According to Eurogamer and GamesRadar, Google released a number of Stadia demos at GDC. These simulated the effect different connection speeds had on the gameplay and use of the product, and users remarked that results for all three of the demo categories (“excellent”, “degraded” and severe”) were all very acceptable for good quality gameplay. This is great news for people on average speed connections! However, that doesn’t tell us exactly how fast an internet connection we need—but we can actually infer an answer to this question ourselves! In another simulation, which was designed to demonstrate gameplay on an “unstable” connection

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