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My Experience With Destiny 2 The Collection: #Stadia 1

My Experience With Destiny 2 The Collection: #Stadia

So, Destiny 2: The Collection – which is the sequel to the original Destiny by Bungie (The guys originally behind Halo) – has recently been made available as a free game to those with a Stadia Pro subscription. As one of those few with a Stadia Pro Subscription via a Buddy Pass giveaway I ended up winning via Youtube, I felt the need to be one of the first to review my initial impressions about Destiny 2: The Collection on Google Stadia. It’s gonna be an interesting and wild ride, as my opinions are ALL over the place. There were

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Google Stadia Reviewed: First Impressions by Fans

NOTE: MOST, if not all, images and experiences I showcase in this article were made by me. The featured image is copyright of Ars Technica. An Introduction to Google Stadia So, Google Stadia has just recently come out about a week or two ago on compatible devices. I say “compatible” because my Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 tablet is INCOMPATIBLE with Google Stadia! Can you believe that lameness?! As I said in my Samurai Shodown Stadia review article, I had to use Bluestacks 4 (A 3rd-party software that turns a computer into a makeshift phone with computer inputs) to be

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Possible Stadia Release Date Revealed? 17

Possible Stadia Release Date Revealed?

Hey everyone, this was too good not to share! According to some users on Reddit, when attempting to purchase the just-released Wasabi controller earlier today on the Google Canada store, a possible Google Stadia release date may have been revealed! Here’s an image revealing a ship date for the controller (and therefore, Stadia?) on the Google Canada store: Does this mean that we’ll see a Stadia release in early November? We were calling for 11/11, however what do you think? Comment below!

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Google Stadia NFL

Google Stadia Featured in NFL Sunday Debut?

Welcome back to ShareSTADIA! Thanks for your continued support and to all our loyal followers and subscribers! We’re here today on the first Sunday of the NFL 2020 football season (in the US). That’s right, the NFL Sunday debut! Football Sunday’s are back, school is back in session, Fall weather is approaching and Halloween is right around the corner (and so is Stadia)! What exactly does that mean, though? Besides more and more gaming, let’s find out! Will We See Google During the NFL? The anticipation for football season in the United States is incredible. It’s a massive audience of

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Google Stadia Controller Giveaway - ShareSTADIA

WINNERS CHOSEN: Stadia Controller Giveaway!

UPDATED Nov 11, 2019: We have our two winners! Our two users were notified via email that they’ve won. If either one fails to respond within 24 hours, we’ll chose a different winner per controller. Unfortunately we don’t know much info about them either besides email and phone. We’ll keep you updated! ♥ UPDATED Nov 1, 2019: It’s been a long wait! We’re finally into November, and we can finally count in days how close we are to Google Stadia’s release! If you haven’t already registered for our controller giveaway, make sure to do so using the info below! 🎉🎉

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Google Stadia Doom Eternal

Will there be a free Google Stadia Beta coming by Summer 2019?

With all the talk about Google Stadia’s release date, we’ve had one question in mind as well — will there be a free Google Stadia Beta? Google Stadia updates, news and rumors have been surfacing much more as we near closer to Spring and Summer of 2019. Will Google release a Stadia beta instead of a full launch as the days wind down? Read more to learn about a possible Google Stadia Beta and what we’re hoping for! Is it possible that there could be a Google Stadia Beta? Yes, we know it’s far fetched considering Google already went from

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