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Google Stadia vs Project Tempo: A New Stadia Rival? 1

Google Stadia vs Project Tempo: A New Stadia Rival?

A new arrival in the cloud gaming niche has made itself known: Project Tempo, a product that has been developed by Amazon. Amazon’s involvement in the cloud gaming niche isn’t all that surprising, to be honest—considering the sheer size and power that the company holds, it was inevitable that Amazon would be joining the ranks sooner or later. Google Stadia has never been at a shortage for competitor platforms. Even from its original announcement, Stadia has faced a lot of pressure from its two main rivals: the PS Now, which was one of the first ever attempts made at cloud

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Brand New Second Gen Chromecast Ultra! 2

Brand New Second Gen Chromecast Ultra!

The Chromecast Ultra is an integral part of ultra high definition Smart TV gaming with Google Stadia. And, considering the success of the first Chromecast Ultra, a second gen version was almost invariable. This second gen Chromecast Ultra is likely to go be met with a lot of excitement if it should come to pass—so, what do we know so far? What is the Chromecast Ultra? The Chromecast is a device that was released as part of the Stadia Pro package, and is arguably one of the best streaming devices. It works by simply plugging into the side of your

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Huge Google Stadia Discount—$30 Off! 3

Huge Google Stadia Discount—$30 Off!

We all love getting a bargain, and the newly announced Google Stadia discount could allow us to do exactly that! But is this new Google Stadia saving worthwhile, or should you wait to join Stadia? With the threat of Coronavirus and the rapidly growing number of people having to isolate themselves due to lockdowns, it seems that Google have jumped on the bandwagon and offered their customers with a surprisingly generous Google Stadia discount! Is the Google Stadia Discount Worthwhile? At present, the only way that people can join the Google Stadia platform is to invest in a copy of

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google stadia pro stadia base

Free Stadia Pro for Chromecast Users!

Giving out free trials is one of the easiest ways that a business can promote their product. You only need to have a quick search online to find some of the thousands of free trial offers available—all of which are intended to encourage you to buy a paid subscription once the free trial runs out. And now it seems that Google have also jumped on the bandwagon, and are offering a free month of Stadia Pro subscription for Chromecast users! Can I Use the Free Trial? Some members of the Google Stadia community have expressed concerns about this new free

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Google Stadia Takes Over Playa Vista — New Studio & More!

One of the most exciting features of the Google Stadia platform is surely going to be the range of Stadia exclusive games. Of course, these exclusive titles need a team of game developers behind them if they are to be any good—and now, we can confidently say that another Google studio has been added to the roster! Initially, we learned about the first Google Stadia game studio last year. The first of these exclusive studios to be announced was one that is based in Montreal—Typhoon Studios—which Google explained would allow them to create games for Stadia that were “More ambitious.

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Google Stadia Software Update: Stadia 2.7 Is Here! 4

Google Stadia Software Update: Stadia 2.7 Is Here!

Google Stadia’s most recent update, Stadia 2.7, was released today. The primary goal of the update was to make a few tweaks and changes to the user interface of Stadia, hopefully to improve the platform for the better. The changes are largely relating to changes which are necessary for the upcoming release of the free version of Google Stadia, especially since the plan currently seems to be that Google will be launching the new “Stadia Base” plan along with a month of Stadia Pro subscription included. Stadia Subscription Updates Update 2.7 is largely based around the introduction of the upcoming

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