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Stadia Launching 2019

Google Stadia “Won’t Reach Everybody Day 1”

According to Google, the highly anticipated cloud gaming streaming platform, Google Stadia, will not be available for everyone, everywhere at launch. Phil Harrison, Vice President of Google, stated that “we know our internet bandwidth requirements won’t reach everybody day 1. There’s nothing I can promise that will change that. But we’ll work hard to reduce the bandwidth required and increase the quality.” While there hasn’t been a gaming console in history to ever “not launch” on day one, we need to remember that’s exactly what Stadia isn’t. As much as Google wants Stadia to be on every screen it can

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Stadia Logo

What is Google Stadia?

What is Google Stadia and what will its introduction mean for the future of gaming? Many people are still unaware of what Google Stadia is, even 7 months after Stadia’s announcement! (Updated 10/3/2019). We’re here to help you learn a very common question — “what is Google Stadia?” At its simplest, Google Stadia is a cloud gaming platform that will allow gamers to play their favorite games on any device. Though not the first cloud gaming service available on the market, Stadia represents a unique approach to cloud gaming; Stadia will offer gamers with the opportunity to play ultra high

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Stadia Cloud-Based Streaming Gaming Platform

Stadia is the new cloud-based streaming platform from Google

Google announced Stadia, a new cloud-based gaming platform, at its GDC 2019 keynote Tuesday morning. It’s a major move for Google into the video game business, which is increasingly building toward streaming as a solution. Stadia is not a dedicated console or set-top box. The platform will be accessible over the internet on a variety of platforms: browsers, computers, TVs, and mobile devices. In an onstage demonstration of Stadia, Google showed someone playing a game on a Chromebook, then playing it on a phone, then immediately playing it on PC, picking up where the game left off in real time.

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