Next Stadia Connect Finally Revealed!

The next Stadia Connect event has been revealed, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about the possibilities that it might hold for fans of Google Stadia! Of course, we at Share Stadia will be covering all of the juicy info that the next Stadia Connect will offer up, so watch this space for all of the best Google Stadia news and information!

What Will The Next Stadia Connect Event Cover?

Remember the first Stadia Connect event, back at the start of June, where we were lucky enough to get the chance to learn about a load of new Google Stadia features and information? Well, Google seem to have decided that the time is now right for another one of these exciting promotional events, as the next Stadia Connect event has finally been revealed!

But what information will we get to learn about at the next Stadia Connect event? It seems likely that we will get the

stadia pro stadia base
The next Stadia connect event can be expected to provide a lot of exciting new Google Stadia information. The first Stadia connect gave us more insight into the games that will be available on the Google Stadia software and the price of two Google Stadia packages: Stadia Pro ($9.99 per month subscription) and Stadia Base (free).

opportunity to learn about a number of new Google Stadia games, as well as potentially being provided with more information regarding the functioning of Google Stadia.


This could potentially provide us with more details about the exclusive features of the Google Stadia software—primarily crowd play and state share—and potentially more information about the membership and subscription options for Google Stadia. The last Stadia connect event provided us with a plethora of new information, and we are excited for the opportunity to be able to see an equally generous amount of information from this one; after all, in Google’s own words, it will be “back and better than ever”.

When Is The Next Stadia Connect?

The next Stadia connect is set to be held on 8/19/19 at 10AM PDT or 1PM CEST. As with the first event, it is our hope to be able to provide a link to the live stream, so keep your eyes peeled for future information regarding this exciting opportunity.

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