Over 100 Google Stadia Games Announced!

Ubisoft—who were one of the first game developers to publicly declare their support for Google Stadia games—recently announced that their new PC subscription service, UplayPlus, will be released on September 3rd for PC users. This unique subscription package is said to give users unlimited access to well over 100 of Ubisoft’s most well-loved games, with additional exclusive DLCs also being offered as part of this package.

UplayPlus is set to offer a number of the classic Ubisoft titles, as well as a large database of new games and new DLC content. Some of the exciting new titles include Watch Dogs: Legion and Ghost Recon Breakpoint, with many, many more also set to be released for UplayPlus. Some of these games and their top versions, when released without the subscription, could be worth as much as $120—which makes the $14.99/month fee to have free access to all of these games incredibly affordable.

google stadia games uplayplus
UplayPlus will be available on Google Stadia, contributing over 100 games to the Google Stadia games database.

How The UplayPlus Package Relates to Google Stadia games?

It was announced by the Google Stadia team themselves—on their Twitter—that UplayPlus will be coming to Stadia! How exactly this ‘merger’ will work in regards to the differing subscription fees and the like, we do not know, but it is incredibly exciting to have such a large announcement of titles which will be available on the Google Stadia games database!

Clearly, with the announcement of both the Google Stadia Founder’s Edition and UplayPlus this week, it’s been an exciting few days for gaming fans! Don’t forget to save yourself nearly $200 by buying the Founder’s Edition as a package here, and while you’re at it, grab yourself a free trial of UplayPlus as well by visiting here before August 15th (remember to cancel it before September 30 if you don’t want to be charged)!

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