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Free Stadia Pro for Chromecast Users!

Giving out free trials is one of the easiest ways that a business can promote their product. You only need to have a quick search online to find some of the thousands of free trial offers available—all of which are intended to encourage you to buy a paid subscription once the free trial runs out. And now it seems that Google have also jumped on the bandwagon, and are offering a free month of Stadia Pro subscription for Chromecast users! Can I Use the Free Trial? Some members of the Google Stadia community have expressed concerns about this new free

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Google Stadia Takes Over Playa Vista — New Studio & More!

One of the most exciting features of the Google Stadia platform is surely going to be the range of Stadia exclusive games. Of course, these exclusive titles need a team of game developers behind them if they are to be any good—and now, we can confidently say that another Google studio has been added to the roster! Initially, we learned about the first Google Stadia game studio last year. The first of these exclusive studios to be announced was one that is based in Montreal—Typhoon Studios—which Google explained would allow them to create games for Stadia that were “More ambitious.

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Google Stadia Software Update: Stadia 2.7 Is Here! 1

Google Stadia Software Update: Stadia 2.7 Is Here!

Google Stadia’s most recent update, Stadia 2.7, was released today. The primary goal of the update was to make a few tweaks and changes to the user interface of Stadia, hopefully to improve the platform for the better. The changes are largely relating to changes which are necessary for the upcoming release of the free version of Google Stadia, especially since the plan currently seems to be that Google will be launching the new “Stadia Base” plan along with a month of Stadia Pro subscription included. Stadia Subscription Updates Update 2.7 is largely based around the introduction of the upcoming

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Building Your Own Game Controller - 3D Printing

Building Your Own Game Controller

As much as gaming has evolved over the years, changes in controllers have been somewhat erratic. Early console gamepads got the job done, but in relatively simple ways (and with less-than-durable construction). An occasional outlier like the famously odd Nintendo 64 controller attempts to revolutionize the concept. And for the time being we seem to have settled on something at least relatively standardized across console, PC, and now phone attachment controllers — though plenty of gaming enthusiasts will still argue that no two options are really alike. Now that we’re easing further into an era of more customizable, specialized gaming

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How Alphabet Perfected Google Stadia! 2

How Alphabet Perfected Google Stadia!

As with any successful business, marketing is a key component of a business’ success. Indeed, without successful marketing strategies, most business ventures would fall flat on their face and fail, to be buried away in a shallow grave with all of the other rejected or underwhelming attempts at innovative ideas that just never took off with consumers. Google Stadia has not met the same fate though, it seems. Google Stadia’s success can actually be attributed to the excellent strategies that Google employed while developing the platform and advertizing it to consumers. In addition, Google’s extensive portfolio of products can also

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Activision Blizzard, don’t screw up our cloud gaming future 3

Activision Blizzard, don’t screw up our cloud gaming future

As promising as cloud gaming seems with services like Stadia and GeForce Now, it was only a matter of time before a game studio came along and screwed it up. This week, Activision Blizzard, the makers of hit games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, World of Warcraft, and Overwatch, decided to restrict its entire catalog from being playable on GeForce Now, seemingly reminding cloud gamers that developers dislike them. Angry about it? Yeah, so am I…

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