Bring Stadia With You

Let’s Win the Holidays: Bring Your Stadia With You

Happy Holidays everyone and thanks for visiting ShareSTADIA! Let’s first start off by clarifying the title — we know ‘Bring Your Stadia’ isn’t grammatically correct! Threw that bombshell in there for all the folks who still refer to Stadia as ‘The Stadia’. 😂 Nonetheless, it means the same thing. It’s acceptable and seems to be getting branded into a term. Stadia is awesome. Hells yeah! 🚀 Let’s Double Down on Stadia Going to a family party, friend’s house, public or work event where there will be Internet and a TV? Now’s the time to bring Stadia with you. Be the

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Google Stadia Achievements - ShareSTADIA

Google Stadia Achievements Now Live!

If there is one thing that we have been looking forward to seeing since Stadia came out, it was Google Stadia achievements—and, luckily, the achievements system is now in working order too! Indeed, game developers now have the freedom to create achievements for their own games—and gamers will be awarded with their achievement notifications in game, as soon as they’ve earned an achievement! At the time of the launch of Stadia, it was unfortunately the case that the Stadia UI was not set up for running an achievements system. This meant that gamers were unfortunately unable to enjoy what is

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Stadia Stream Connect on ShareSTADIA

Stadia Stream Connect Debuts with Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

With the latest update to the Stadia store and with the release of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, one of the most interesting, and important features of Stadia — Stream Connect, is unveiled as well. For those of you that aren’t aware, Stadia Stream Connect is Google’s version of multi-player co-op. Stadia’s Stream Connect lets you see your teammates’ screen in real-time. As you play through missions and co-op matches online with your friends, you’ll see exactly what they do — on your screen. Each stream is rendered in high definition 1080p, and up to 3 separate screens can be seen per

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Chromecast Ultra Firmware Update Adds Stadia Support 2

Chromecast Ultra Firmware Update Adds Stadia Support

Until yesterday, streaming Stadia to your TV required a Chromecast Ultra that was shipped inside either a Founder’s or Premiere edition. Google has rolled out a Chromecast Ultra firmware update that will allow existing Ultra’s to work with Stadia! If you have access to Stadia already, we have some good news to share. We have rolled out an update to existing Chromecast Ultras that allow them to work with Stadia. Grab your Stadia Controller, sync it to any Chromecast Ultra & start playing on an additional TV in your house. — Stadia (@GoogleStadia) December 18, 2019 Were you an original

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Stadia Dosage

Stadia Dosage: Get Your Checkup & Play Better

Since the launch of Google’s groundbreaking gaming platform, Stadia, we’ve heard a lot of different takes on it’s performance. Those of you who have the platform and are enjoying it as I know that most of the negative claims are unsubstantiated. However, what about those made by credited review sites? Well, we are now discovering that a lot of these groups are not dedicating the same care to the technical/play testing they conduct elsewhere. How bad is it? What should be standard when doing play testing with platforms such as Stadia? What can we do to raise awareness to these

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Google Stadia Controller for Sale

How I Feel About Google Stadia After 1 Week of Streaming

So, Google Stadia has been out for a little over 2 weeks, and I streamed games to my laptop for about a week or so at this point in time. During this time, I am looking forward to streaming Tomb Raider and properly reviewing that once I get the chance to in the coming weeks. For now, though, I want to discuss how I currently feel about Google Stadia as a whole. The Good About Google Stadia For one, I like the whole “2 Free Games Every Month” stuff. I enjoyed playing Samurai Shodown. As I stated in my review, 

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