Phil Harrison’s Views On Cloud Gaming

At the 2019 GamesBeat Summit we saw a number of interesting discussions. One of these involved  Phil Harrison talking about Google Stadia and cloud gaming in general with Amy Hennig, a veteran game developer whom we discussed recently.

In their interview, Harrison gave a few words of caution to the audience in regards to Google Stadia and the role of cloud gaming:

This transition to game development being cloud-centric will be a fundamental shift, but it will be a difficult shift as well. This is not going to be the easiest pathway for every studio to go through.”

However, it wasn’t all doom and gloom. For Phil Harrison, cloud gaming represents a chance to allow multiplayer games to run on a larger scale, thanks to the stable and reliable internet speeds.  Furthermore, he is holding out hope for the quirky new features that  Google Stadia specifically will introduce.

Alas, Phil Harrison was seemingly not ready to give up many more of Google Stadia’s secrets, so for now, we’ll have to carry on waiting for extra juicy news. We like to think that Google’s secretive approach will mean that it is keeping back the best and most exciting information until closer to the release date. And until then, we’ll keep speculating!

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