Playing Google Stadia With An Xbox Controller!

With knowledge of the unique Google Stadia controller having existed since we first heard about the Google Stadia platform, it seems safe to say that very few people probably even considered the possibility of playing Google Stadia with any controller other than Google Stadia’s own model. However, recent knowledge has instead proven that this is far from the truth; in fact, it is now known that Google Stadia will be playable with any controller that you already own—providing it meets one small criteria: it must be a HID—also known as a Human Interface Device.

What Is A HID Controller?

Google Stadia Controller for Sale
The Google Stadia controller will be available for purchase separately from the main Google Stadia software, which can be used for free or otherwise joined as part of a Google Stadia subscription for a $9.99/month.

Simply put, a controller that is HID compliant simply means that is has the ability to take commands or instructions from a human operator, and give the requested output based on those first interactions with the controller. In truth, any working gaming controller should really be HID compliant, so this should not cause too much of an issue.

Playing Google Stadia With An Xbox Controller

One of the most important features of this new reveal is that being able to use other controllers will help to make the Google Stadia gaming system inclusive and enjoyable for everybody, including those gamers who might require specialist foot/pedal setups in order to enjoy their favorite games. Indeed, this means that the Google Stadia platform will be able to support the Xbox Adaptive controller, meaning that Stadia is accessible and playable for literally any gamer or gaming lover.

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