Playing YouTube Music While Gaming?

Thus far, we know that Google has focused a lot of its attention on ensuring that the Google Stadia platform will be able to directly compete with its two most popular rivals: the Xbox and the Playstation. But one thing which we do not yet know about is the role or possibility of playing Youtube/Google Play music at the same time as playing on the Google Stadia gaming platform.

But will we be able to play Youtube or Google Play music with the Google Stadia platform?

Playing Youtube/Google Play Music On The Google Stadia Platform

The Playstation console allows its users to play music from Spotify at the same time as playing games. But will a similar feature be available on the Google Stadia platform?

Playing YouTube Music While Gaming? 1
Playstation users can play music directly from Spotify during their gaming sessions. It seems likely that Google might implement a similar feature for their Google Stadia gaming platform, considering they own both the Google Play and Youtube music platforms.

When such a feature was briefly mentioned at the Google Stadia AMA event on Reddit, as a precursor to another question, Andrey Doronichev seemed to purposefully avoid making any reference at all to the possibility of such a feature being included in the Google Stadia platform, instead answering only the asker’s direct question. But what can we infer from this?

The fact that no reference was made to either prove or disprove the inclusion of a feature that will allow gamers to play Youtube or Google Play music while gaming suggests to us that it could still be on the cards. One of the most exciting features of the Google Stadia cloud gaming platform, however, is the ease at which updates can be made to the software; as such, even if such a feature had not yet been thought of, it could be implemented for Google Stadia gamers with ease in the future, if requested by the gaming community.

What are your thoughts on music support for the Google Stadia platform? Do you want a music support feature directly on Google Stadia, or are you happy to just play music in the background on your other devices?

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