Running Stadia on Mobile Devices

While playing games on your mobile phone often uses up a large amount of power and drains your battery quickly, Eurogamer was told in an interview that this wouldn’t be the case with Stadia!

But why is that? Simply put, due to the way that Stadia will work—it is essentially just playing a video instead—it shouldn’t be nearly as harsh on your phone’s power as normal games! In fact, it was stated that on a phone with good battery life, you could be playing a heavy game such as Doom or Assassin’s Creed for up to ten hours at a time on a single charge!

However, there is currently the concern currently as to whether Stadia will be released for iOS devices or not. When on stage, it was only mentioned that the software would be running on Pixel, Google’s own smartphone range. When later questioned about this point by TechCrunch, Google went on to explain that it was focusing on launching Stadia on Pixel devices. That’s not to say they won’t release it for Android and iOS, but for now the only definite information we have received from Google is that they will confirm devices later.

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