Smooth & Intense: Lots To Look Forward To!

At the game testing setup at PAXWest, gamers each had 15 minutes to try out Stadia. Despite the demo systems running on nothing but a Google Chromebook with an external monitor and a controller, testers report that the experience was smooth, high quality, and very responsive. Playtesters at PAXWest reported Stadia’s rendition of DOOM as being like Halo 5, but faster.

With the physical interface on your end being completely accessible to most people, a basic Chromebook and a controller going for only $69 in some locations, the hardware will never be the problem on Stadia!

One of the concerns, however, is Internet Speeds. Rural areas may not have the recommended minimum bandwidth of 10Mbps. On the other hand, in areas with decent speed but limited quantity, Google Stadia will fill that niche perfectly! Another huge perk is not having to wait for every patch, server check, update, update on the update, and bug-fix on your end. All of that is managed by Google’s Data Centers on their end, never becoming a problem on your end.

Google Stadia is definitely a game changer, and will be a boon to eSports as well, running well on solid, inexpensive hardware and making cheating and hacking much, much harder. There is a lot of potential in Stadia, and a lot to look forward to!

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