Stadia AMA Today: July 18th At 1pm EST

As fans of cloud gaming and the Google Stadia gaming platform, we all have hundreds of questions surrounding Google Stadia and how it will work for us, but hope is on the horizon—literally! This afternoon—at 1 o’clock—the Google Stadia team and, in particular, the Google Stadia director, Andrey Doronichev, will be holding its very own “Stadia Ask Me Anything” event on Reddit.

This truly is an event not to be missed out on for gaming fans! The Google Stadia AMA on Reddit can be expected to give gaming fans the opportunity to ask the developers and team all of the pressing Google Stadia questions that they may have!

What Is The Google Stadia AMA?

The Google Stadia AMA is set to be starting at 1pm on Reddit and will give us, as fans of the Google Stadia software, the opportunity to ask the Google Stadia developers all of our questions surrounding the platform. Cloud gaming, though explored briefly by Sony with its Playstation Now platform, is still a relatively new development and as such, many of us still have lots of questions about how cloud gaming will work. The Google Stadia AMA might be able to answer these questions.

It seems almost undeniable, after the success of cloud video and TV streaming platforms such as Netflix and Youtube, that cloud gaming platforms will likely take over the gaming industry, potentially even replacing consoles entirely. Indeed, it seems likely that the only role of console gaming in the future might be that of a nostalgic experience.

Of course, Youtube itself is also owned by Google. It is for this reason that Google Stadia live streaming will offer a number of features linking Youtube and Stadia together, such as the crowd play feature (where Youtube viewers can jump directly into their favorite gamers’ Stadia livestreams) and state share (where anyone with a given link can jump into a game at the relevant time and point).

Got questions about Google Stadia crowd play or Google Stadia state share? The Google Stadia AMA may be able to provide the answer!

When Is The Google Stadia Ask Me Anything AMA Event?

The Google Stadia “Ask Me Anything” AMA event will be held at 1pm today; just enough time to work out your questions and decide on what you want to know about Google Stadia! With such high ranking Google Stadia team members available as the director of Stadia, it seems likely that there might be the possibility to get a number of highly pressing questions answered!

What Questions Could I Ask At The Google Stadia AMA?

The whole point of the Google Stadia AMA is to allow Google Stadia fans to ask questions in regards to cloud gaming and how the Google Stadia software will work. While you could ask a wide range of questions, we have a few favorites that would be great to get answers for at the Google Stadia “Ask Me Anything” event.

IOS/Android Devices?

At present, we know that Google Stadia will be playable on a number of devices, including your Smart TV, laptop, computer, tablet, and mobile—however one issue that has a number of people concerned is the fact that Google have only announced Google Stadia for their own Google Pixel phones so far.

This has clearly been an attempt at increasing sales for Google’s own Pixel devices, and means that IOS and Android phones—some of the most popular in the industry—may not work for Google Stadia. Google have not yet commented on these concerns, and many people would like to know whether these concerns are well founded or not.

I Already Own A Game—Will I Be Able To Play It On Google Stadia?

For many people, the thought of having to buy a game which they already own again, just so

google stadia AMA
The Google Stadia AMA “Ask Me Anything” event will be held on Reddit this afternoon, at 1pm EST. Get your questions regarding the Google Stadia software answered by the Google Stadia director himself!

that they can play it on the Google Stadia platform. While it seems unlikely that there will be any discount for these scenarios—we already know that a fee will still need to be paid for the title—many of us would still like clarity on this.

What Are The Details Of The Other Google Stadia Price Packages?

At present, we already know about the Google Stadia Pro game membership, however it seems likely that there will also be other membership plans and packages as well; after all, what is the point of offering a ‘Pro’ membership if cheaper memberships weren’t also available for players? It would be great to be able to learn more about all of the Google Stadia Price packages that will be available on the platform, and the Google Stadia AMA might give us the chance to learn about these plans.

What Are The ‘Funding Options’ For Developers

The team behind the Google Stadia software have already mentioned in the past that game developers on the Google Stadia gaming platform will have a number of funding and pricing options available to them, but they have not publicly expanded on this since that first revelation. However, there is every possibility that today’s Google Stadia AMA “Ask Me Anything” event might be able to clear these curiosities up.


Interested in joining in with the Google Stadia AMA Ask Me Anything event? Join the discussions on Reddit here:

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