Stadia Connect: April 28, 2020

With the Coronavirus lockdowns, Google has been doing a lot of work on ways to promote Google Stadia for those bored individuals with no other way of entertaining themselves at home. The offers that they have been giving out for free or otherwise cheap Stadia subscription packages have been a welcome change for many, and as a result, we are seeing more and more people engaging with Google Stadia and its games!

However, despite all of the changes and offers, we haven’t actually heard very much from Google itself regarding Stadia and its plans. Luckily enough, that is all set to change today—28 April—with the next Stadia Connect.

Stadia Connect, as the name would suggest, allows Google to connect with Google Stadia fans with new information about the platform and its plans for the growth and development of Google Stadia. The Stadia Connect event will be accessible on Youtube at 9AM PT or 6PM CET and is set to reveal a lot of new info, the most exciting of which will be the announcement of new Google Stadia games.

Guessing what games will be announced for Google Stadia is practically impossible, however, it would be a safe guess to say that we should get to see some info on new exclusive Google Stadia games; these were promised by Google back in January but we have yet to hear anything else about them. And, with the games set to be released in July, it would make sense now—just two months prior to this release date—for Google to start building up hype for these Stadia exclusive games.

Of course, we already know about a few upcoming Google Stadia titles that we can look forward to, including Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris and Marvel’s Avengers, plus the Elder Scrolls Online, Superhot and Kona. These games are set to be an excellent addition to the Google Stadia store, and so it wouldn’t be surprising for these to also be mentioned as part of Stadia Connect April 28.

Another topic that the Stadia Connect event could well cover is the abolishment of the Stadia Base subscription. This subscription was announced a long time ago as the free subscription for Google Stadia, but it was recently announced that this was being scrapped. Instead, Google Stadia will be accessible for everyone who has a Google or Gmail account. The team could definitely be planning on emphasising this new change as part of today’s Stadia Connect event.

What are you looking forwards to seeing as part of the Google Stadia Connect event today? Over the coming months we can be confident of plenty of new Stadia content and features; as such, we are excited to see how Google will tackle this subject in the Stadia Connect today.

And remember! We’re all feeling a little antsy right now, locked up as we are, but it’s all for the best. Stay strong and we will see the end of the pandemic—and, if you’re at a loss for what to do, tune in to Stadia Connect April 28 for (hopefully) some hot new content. With Stadia now truly available for free, it is safe to say that there is something for everyone with Google Stadia!

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