Stadia Content Captures Not Saveable or Shareable in App 🎮

Welcome back to ShareSTADIA! Google recently introduced screenshots, screen captures and “content captures” to the Stadia app. On the web version of, content captures are currently not supported, and you’re greeted with this message:

“Save video clips & screenshots by pressing the [assistant] button on a Stadia Controller or F12 on your keyboard, then view them in the mobile app.”

Here’s also what Google shared with us about Stadia Content Captures:
Stadia Content Captures Information

Can’t Save or Share STADIA Content Captures

The only problem is, when viewing them in the Stadia app, there’s nothing you can do with your Stadia content captures. It doesn’t allow you to zoom in on your captures (however, rotating your screen does give you a larger, properly fitted version).

The Stadia app doesn’t allow you to share your Stadia content capture, and it doesn’t allow you to save the photo to your phone.

At present, we’re stuck with only being able to screenshot an image of our image. 👀 The only other available options are to delete the image, or just close out of the capture and back to the main gallery.
Stadia Screenshots / Captures Only Available & Not Shareable in App

Waiting for a Google Update on Sharing Content Captures

Sooo… in reality, we’re still waiting to find out why. Surely it’s being worked on and almost ready — just unsure what the point of releasing it was when it’s not functional at all.

We’re hoping that Stadia content captures are shareable and saveable soon! We’ll keep you updated as more information is released, and also hoping that Google can let us know. We’re glad we could at least share ours for now with print screen!

What Are Your Thoughts?

Please help us grow by commenting your thoughts below! Do you have any awesome screen captures of your Stadia gameplay?! 🚀🎉🥳

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