Stadia Controller Examined: It’s 100% Awesome!

One of the most underrated aspects of Google Stadia lies within one of the most important core components — the Stadia controller. Everyone wants to know how it will work, what requirements players will need to consider, and how they can play it as easy as Google advertises. Google has a lot of ground to cover as far as giving those who are interested and those who have adopted (Founder’s Edition) when it comes to information regarding Stadia.

Show Me What You Got

Google Stadia Controller FeaturesThe one thing that Google doesn’t have much to answer for, is the only reliable agent we have in the faith that this is a real thing, is the Google Stadia controller. When Google announced their foray onto the gaming battlefield, I’m sure I can speak confidently for others in that we all wanted to see what their “system” would look like. I was mildly disappointed that there was no tangible box set for me to marvel at and show off to friends when they came over to my house, while they wondered what system that was sitting in my entertainment system. What we are left with is a controller. The Stadia controller (along with the Chromecast dongle) is the only physical requirements that adopters will need moving forward. The Google Stadia controller is a masterfully crafted piece of hardware. My first site of the controller, like many was the white controller. With its soft orange tones under the analog thumb grips the familiar layout of the buttons, the apprehension that I had with not seeing a physical box was slowly quelled upon seeing more details about the controller. So, what’s so special?

Fashionable Design

Google Stadia Controller PreviewThe design is completely out of this world. At first glance, it looks like an Xbox One controller. Further inspection will allow you the perspective of seeing that there is much more to it. The material looks buttery smooth. I think that can be good from the aesthetic point but smooth usually translates to slippery. While having seen many points of coverage involving the controller, I haven’t seen anyone say that slipping was an issue. The button layout is familiar, which is cool, because it’s almost like they are following an industry standard. Dual analog sticks, digital cross pad and your standard A, B, X, and Y buttons. It’s something that when in your hands you will feel right at home.

All The Sweet Features

Google Stadia Controller ExaminedAside from the standard design of the button layout, there are a host of other buttons that are available on the controller. There looks to be a standard home button which dawns the Stadia logo and looks completely awesome! There is also a button for capture/share which will allow you to broadcast gameplay (most likely to YouTube). There is the Google assistant button. I don’t really understand why this is here, but I am sure that with more to be revealed about the system, we will learn more about the functionality. The last two buttons are for your basic start and option functionality. I think that all the buttons on the face of the controller can get a bit cramped but again, we will see how they pitch this functionality moving forward.

What’s Going On Inside?

Google Stadia Controller AnalyzedThe thing I am mostly buzzing about is the tech inside the controller. The controller will sport a 3.5 mm headphone port for that immersive in game use. There is also that built in microphone for the google assistance and I am sure share play. They don’t support Bluetooth now but have been said to be working on it. It’s packed with rechargeable Li-Ion battery which supports USB-C charging. I will say right now, Google better supply a cable (and a long one) with the controller when it launches. The controller functions via Wi-Fi. This is to cut down on latency and to pretty much keep everything reading from the same source. In a nutshell, Stadia will stream from the servers through our internet, transferred and projected to the Google Chromecast and read by the controller. Pretty nifty!

Colors, Colors, Colors!

Google Stadia Controller FeaturesOne of the big reasons I went ahead and became a Founder was because of the color schemes that would be available. When it launches, there will be 3 starter colors to choose from. There is the “Clearly White” the “Just Black” and the amazingly popular “Wasabi”. There is a fourth color, but it is only available for the Google Founders. That color is “Night Blue” and I will be the first to tell you, it is sweet looking! Each one of the controllers will cost $69.99 (USD), and the Founder’s Edition, which sports the Night Blue, is selling now for $129.00. That’s a steal when I consider that the membership is only $9.99 per month! Oh yeah, and the controllers totally have the Konami code imprinted on the bottom of the controller!

The Google Stadia controller is absolutely an alluring factor into why I have personally invested in this service. The sleek design, the forward technology and the awesome colors make playing on the Stadia a fashionable affair. There are still a few questions I do have about the controller (haptic feedback? more colors? pro controllers? special editions?) which I want to know moving forward. I won’t worry too much about it while I am holding on to the Midnight Blue piece of hardware, but I am eventually going to want to know. I also wonder, is that Konami code going to work in any way? I hope so. It would be one more reason that I believe the Google Stadia is going to be the place to play games in its upcoming release!

Contribution Article by: James Moore Host of Moore Than a Podcast

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