Stadia Featured in EDGE UK Magazine?

From our friends over on Reddit, we’ve just learned that Google Stadia might have been featured in the EDGE UK Magazine! Earlier this week, we learned that Stadia was also in the issue of Wired UK as well.

Check out the EDGE UK Magazine Discussion on Reddit

While we’ve yet to get our hands on a copy of the magazine, check out the Reddit post here. From what we heard, it was a 14-page article, mostly filled with what we already know and what’s available on ShareSTADIA, @Stadia Twitter, and of course, Reddit.

We Need More Stadia Exposure!

Google seems to be doing some heavy marketing the past week. The anticipation for Stadia is growing, and the Stadia user base still needs to grow. There are still many average folks who still have no idea Google has a gaming service, and no idea that Stadia even exists yet. Is Google doing enough to bring attention to Stadia? What are your thoughts?

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