Stadia Internet Usage: Data Caps Not A Problem

One of the biggest concerns surrounding Google Stadia and cloud game streaming in general is that of the large Google Stadia internet usage requirements. By its very nature, ultra high definition game streaming will invariably use up quite a lot of data and internet, and as such, many people have expressed their concerns about whether or not Google Stadia will work on their current internet plans and network. Luckily, though, there is hope for change on the horizon.

Why Stadia Internet Usage Might Be A Problem

Internet service providers (ISPs) already make excessive amounts of money from the people of America who use their services, and data caps are just one way in which the

y can bump up this income. Despite claims made by telecoms executives that data caps are unnecessary, these ISPs claim that caps are in place in order to make the charges applied fair for both those individuals who use only a few gigabytes of data per month, and those who use hundreds.

The theory works on the fact that people on the same internet usage plan but who use significantly different amounts of data will either be receiving better or lesser value for their money, and those who use excessively large amounts of data ought to be charged more. However, this ‘reasoning’ on the part of the internet service providers simply doesn’t stack up; after all, by this logic, those who barely use any internet ought to be credited as compensatio


n, but this doesn’t happen. As such, it is safe to say that the intention of data caps are simply to increase the earning potential for the ISPs.

But why might Stadia internet usage be a problem with these data caps?

One of the biggest highlights of the Google Stadia platform is its ability to allow users to stream ultra high definition games directly to their devices—but the bandwidth requirements for this are understandably high. While it will not be necessary to have the fastest internet connection in order to play on Google Stadia games, it will be the case that an unlimited data plan will be necessary.

Google Stadia Doom Eternal
Playing Google Stadia in ultra high definition 4K will use up a massive amount of internet, and this Stadia internet usage could mean that it will be likely for data caps to interfere with our game play experience.

Depending on the quality that you stream in, Stadia has been said to use—on an hourly basis—between 4.5GB and 15.5GB of data for high quality games. With many monthly plans being capped at a terabyte, playing on Google Stadia could potentially max out your data in just over 60 hours of play. That limits us to just 2 hours of gaming a day!

Evidently, this high Stadia internet usage could pose a problem for those individuals who want to play Google Stadia games in the highest possible resolution. With that being said, it should be noted that playing in 1080px will give you a more respectable 4 hours of game play per day, or 8 hours per day in 720px. Regardless of that, though, many of us will want to be able to make the most of Google Stadia’s ultra high definition gaming—but having to pay more to get around data caps could limit our enjoyment of doing so.

Google Stadia Internet Usage: Why Are Data Caps Not A Problem

After learning that we will only be able to play Google Stadia games in HD 4K for just two hours a day due to the level of Google Stadia Internet Usage, it might seem crazy to think that the possibility of data caps not being a problem could be real. But there is hope that change might be on the horizon in regards to these data usage caps, and this would hopefully allow for unlimited game streaming!

So, why are data caps not a problem? From what we’ve seen so far, there is surely no way that data caps won’t have an effect on our gaming experience, but thankfully, there is a possibility that they might not be so bad for gamers.

It has been said that some of the biggest ISPs themselves have been considering the possibility of creating their own game streaming platforms, and in this case, these data usages would likely be scrapped for their own software. But such changes wouldn’t have an effect on Google Stadia—unless action is taking against the ISPs to force them to scrap data caps, potentially through the use of long overdue penalties.

The internet service providers have monopolies in their regions, and it is unfortunately the case that this allows them to do whatever they please. However, the rise of cloud gaming could add pressure to these companies to scrap data caps, and in this case, it is possible that data caps will not be a problem for game streamers and Google Stadia users.

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