Stadia Shipping Clarification We’ve all Been Waiting For!

There has been a lot of confusion recently about the date of Google Stadia shipping and release. Indeed, people have been unsure as to how Google was planning to distribute the availability of Stadia to its Founders and Premiere members. Thankfully, we’ve finally had confirmation on when Google Stadia will actually be released—although it would have been nice if we could have had this sooner!

Google Stadia Release Date Confirmed!

At long last, Google have finally taken it upon themselves to give gamers and Founders/Premiere members a little more clarity about when Google Stadia will be available.

When we will get Google Stadia Access

In a tweet that was released on the official Google Stadia Twitter account this morning, Google announced that “in exactly two weeks, Stadia starts heading to Founders’ homes” (Founders being members who have purchased a copy of the Founder’s Edition). In the comments, they then further clarified this point when they explained that:

“You’ll get an email when your package ships, and soon after, will receive a code to activate your Stadia account and Stadia Pro.”

But what does this mean for us as gamers, who are now starting to get a little antsy for the release of Stadia?

While it is still slightly unclear as to when we will receive our full orders of Founder’s Edition or Premiere Edition, it is now known that access to Google Stadia—as well as the chance to pick out our own Google Stadia usernames (“in the Stadia account activation process, you’ll […] choose your Stadia Name“) and begin playing on the platform—will be available before the expected delivery date for the rest of our packages!

This means that people whose Google Stadia controllers and Chromecast Ultras are due to be delivered on, for example, the 21st will get access to Stadia before this point! This will be the case for everyone who has ordered a copy of Stadia thus far.

How Does this Help?

Previous fears about having to wait an additional fortnight—for some unlucky individuals—to play games on Google Stadia and pick out your unique Stadia username should be somewhat alleviated. This new information indicates that you should (hopefully) instead receive your Stadia Pro code a number of days before this date.

Premiere users have not officially been mentioned as of yet. As such, we will have to wait and see how long Stadia Pro delivery times will be for these individuals.

Are You Excited for Stadia?

The gaming community is now in the final countdown for the release of Google Stadia. We can’t wait to see all that it has to offer, but what are you most looking forward to seeing? Let us know below!

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